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The end of the line for the fruit cage.


When we moved into this house Feb 1996 Elizabeth was 3 1/2yrs old and loved fruit and growing things. There was a bit of spare ground next to the greenhouse so we bought a fruit cage and 2 gooseberry and 2 blackcurrant bushes. Then 3 crowns of rhubarb followed. The spare ground in the cage was Elizabeth’s to grow what ever she liked.

Over time Elizabeth’s interests changed and Victoria who is 5 yrs younger took up the challenge. However over the last 4 years it has become a dumping ground for spare pots/trays and overwintering plants.

I have still been growing beans put in large buckets on the back path. But apart from the rhubarb the rest of the fruit hasn’t been really used. So a decision was made.

Demolition was achieved in a morning.

In the afternoon after a trip to the tip followed by a trip to the builders merchants the construction began.

My other half believes in things being ‘square’ and so the construction continued apace.

By the evening of the first day all the uprights were in place.
The following day the horizontals etc went up as did the more decorative front edge. This ‘matched’ the gazebo next door.

I then got the job of ‘creosoting’ the wood, makes a change as just the labourer.

The following day the chicken wire was attached and paving slabs placed down the middle. Then I got the honour of digging it over.
Just need to organise what is going to be grown in it now. Its 12ft by 8ft wide. 3Ft either side of the path.

The rhubarb is going into a 1m x 1m x 1m tub and then it will sit on the side path.

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The suspense is killing me! What are you planning to put in there after all your hard work?

30 Aug, 2016


Would make a nice aviary! ;) i'm puzzled...great construction. I take it the wire is to protect the plants from the birds, so fruit again?

30 Aug, 2016


the wire is to keep pigeons and squirrels off really.
so far we are thinking brassicas, onions, beans carrots and parsnips.
OH is also going to put 'shelving' up so I can grow strawberries off the ground and safe from other birds.
youngest goes to uni, eldest should relocate soon so just us 2.

neighbours thought we were building an aviary and were worried that rats would come into the garden and feed on waste seed. they think the rabbit has brought rats in. I did point out that their decking is probably a haven for rats. She just laughed and said I was such a tease!

30 Aug, 2016


Lol....the joke is on her then!

30 Aug, 2016


It looks so good I thought it was a Pergola.

31 Aug, 2016


that was OH intention to make it look pretty as well as functional. It even matches the shed for colour ha ha.

31 Aug, 2016


You've both done a very good job of it! I also thought it was going to be pergola at first!

31 Aug, 2016


It looks nice and tidy. I hope you get good crops from it :)

1 Sep, 2016


The cabbage seeds I sowed are just starting to germinate. But there aren't any onion sets in the gc yet.

weed seeds are also germinating :o(

2 Sep, 2016


The worlds your oyster now........keep us posted, I must admit it is beautifully constructed and painted....shame to use it lol!!

2 Sep, 2016

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