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The flowers still doing well in November


Many plants have given their all during the summer and are now shutting down for the winter. There are still some throwing up the odd flower to warm my ‘cockles’.
Penstemons, a lovely un-named red one and Strawberry delight.

Strawberry delight.

The Anemone japonica ‘September Charm’ shows no sign of giving up just yet.

Nor does helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’. There were bees on it yesterday in the sun. But none today as it has been overcast and decidedly chilly.

I have several asters most without any ‘names’, some are knee high and came from my mums garden more than 25years ago [sadly does get mildewed]

and others 5ft or more and is a newish buy.

Then another daisy related to the sunflower which is often mistaken for an aster is Kalimeris, again an un-named variety but a soft pink colour.

So what else is still flowering well into the autumn?
B. Sungold, D.merckii [a hardy dahlia] Salvia Purple queen [a real royal purple colour despite what the camera sees !] and Pineapple sage.

This honeysuckle has just flowered and flowered all summer, a wonderful fragrance too.

This little fuchsia doesn’t start flowering until late July but doesn’t seem to mind mild frosts. If any one can name it I’d be really happy. Hywel?

The next blog will be about those coming into flower or offering interest, now the nights are drawing in.

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So pretty and great to see at this time of year. Cold and very cloudy all day here. I do not like November, mainly because of the darkness on an evening. We did have sunshine yesterday but Lottie was at ours and I was busy playing with the bricks and toys. lol. Christmas cake making tomorrow at her house so I am going to have fun again tomorrow even if it is not gardening related. Thanks for a lovely cheery blog. :O)

3 Nov, 2016


Pretty (and strange). Asters finished here in the South, pineapple Sage not even started flowering. Will have to enjoy your colourful flowers.

3 Nov, 2016


Your plants are lovely. It's nice when they flower into the autumn. I love the Asters.
I'm sorry I can't name your Fuchsia. There are several it could be, but so many are so similar that it makes identification difficult.
It's very pretty though :)

3 Nov, 2016


Thanks for the comments they make blog writing worth while.
Hywel could you make some suggestions and see if that jogs my memory. I have bought named ones in the past then lost the labels.

3 Nov, 2016


Never heard oh Kalimaris, had to look up. Thanks for introducing that Hardy perennial.

4 Nov, 2016


I don't know it but I went through the catalogue of a Fuchsia nursery and saw the following similar ones :-

Alyssa May Garcia
Lancashire Lass
Moody Blues
Pamela Hutchinson
Marilyn Jane
Baby Brooke

The last two were recorded as being hardy.

4 Nov, 2016


moody blues rings a distant bell :o) thanks Hywel.

4 Nov, 2016


The heat and the dryness finished most of our plants off, so I am going to admire yours Seaburn, a lovely blog....

4 Nov, 2016


I'm pleased you've got an idea now :)

4 Nov, 2016


Lovely to see so many flowers around still!

Our balcony is looking extremely sad this year as I have practically no plants in flower now. :-(( I only have a few plants dying back in a couple of hanging baskets but they won't last more than a week or two at most.

Looking forward to the late winter/early spring when the Crocuses start to put on a show!

4 Nov, 2016


I like the Kalimeris. Will add to my wish list.

4 Nov, 2016


I saw Dahlia merkii growing in India in the high hills around the tea plantations. That should have indicated that it would probably survive out side here. Might be quick off the mark growing in Spring here in the South, but I think later in the season dry soil puts a stop to some plants flowering.

5 Nov, 2016


Siris we have grown it on and off for several years, but it makes a huge amount of foliage to flower, so Peter has ditched it.....

5 Nov, 2016


We do tend to think that there's nothing much flowering out there at this time of year, but your pics have proved how wrong this is. You could be forgiven for thinking things were just beginning. Great photos SBG, and lovely colours.

5 Nov, 2016


I always have the urge to join the hedgehogs under the compost heap when the clocks go back. However, this year there are still lots of flowers blooming: African marigolds; cosmos; roses. I have kicked my way through tons of dry leaves...sadly, we had 22mm of rain last night so maybe not for long.
Thanks for sharing your garden blooms with us.

9 Nov, 2016


Lovely November flowers.

10 Nov, 2016


Thank you for the lovely comments.

10 Nov, 2016


Thank you for sharing the late colour in your garden. We've just pruned down most things in our garden now.

14 Nov, 2016

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