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January starts well.


January has started well in as much as I have so far avoided the colds that both daughters and OH have suffered from. The eldest girl has passed her probationary period for her management position in York and the youngest was packed ready to go back to uni this weekend.

The plants in the greenhouse are looking well and showing suitable growth. All the Alliums [I have over 50 bulbs of 5 different varieties] have produced roots and as yet there is no top growth, which considering the greenhouse got down to -4C last week, that’s a good thing. Many spares will be for sale when I have planted the ones I want in the garden.

Some of the frosted plants from last week.

Escallonia ‘Apple Blossom’

A bog standard wild type holly.

Skimmia ‘Merlot’

The garden is finally shutting down with the hard frosts we have had off and on since December and I have made a start in clearing the couch grass from the front border.
The soil is not too bad and when not too wet digs quite easily. After several days of being rock hard it is now soft but very wet.

I am lifting the herbaceous plants, cleaning all the grass roots/rhizomes from their roots and repotting until I decide where they are to go. Lots of them have been divided and they will go on to my plant stalls later in the year.

I removed a self sown buddleia from a side bed and the dead Cercis. This border isn’t too bad it just needs tidying up and a few plants cutting back.

I started on this after lunch today as the sun was shining. I heard a bit of a squabble and my resident robin was ousted from her favourite spot by this lady. She followed me around all afternoon and was about 2-3 ft away from me.

well that is enough for this blog. hope you like it.

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The plants do look great when covered in frost, don't they?
Unfortunately, I've not been as lucky as you....I have my third cold in about 6 weeks! And this is a very heavy one!

8 Jan, 2017


I'm glad you were able to do something outside. We have to make the most of every moment we can in the winter.

8 Jan, 2017


Well done. It hasn't been fit for gardening here and there are so many weeds germinating you'd wonder where ll the seeds came from.

8 Jan, 2017


oh that's horrid Paul but when I get one eventually I bet it will be a doosey, keep warm and well hydrated. the frosted plants do look really good though don't they.
yes its good to be outside Hywel, I feel more 'alive' after a stint in the garden. the blackbird was a joy to have close, they tend to keep their distance.
I know what you mean stera, the frosts have been sharp enough to entice germination when the temp then rises again. and of course some need frost to stop them germinating and we haven't had too many of them. I dread to think what the dug border will be like as I had a lot of Hesperis in there. Foolishly I didn't dead head them.

9 Jan, 2017


How beautiful the plants look covered in frost.......
I don't envy you all the hard work you have let yourself in for, I am getting too old for all that:-!:-! oh has mulched most of the garden with composted bark....... beautiful stuff, hard to get hold of here, only one nursery stocks it, and a tad expensive, luckily we only have a small garden! good luck with the hard work.......??

9 Jan, 2017

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