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My conservatory and its occupants.


A few years ago now we had a conservatory built and at the time my OH said no plants! I responded with ok but no bike bits then. So we came to a compromise. As long as I kept the plants healthy and tidied up after them that was ok. The reason was he has a collection of old bike lamps and horns that he wanted on display.

So in the conservatory there are a range of plants. Some are permanent residents, some are sheltering from the winter cold and others are just there as I don’t know where else to put them. The conservatory does have a radiator in it so it does have some warmth but not very much. The pelargoniums manage and are still growing, just. I took cuttings in the autumn and found 4 germinated seeds in the outdoor pot in late October.

The seedlings were from the variegated plants I took the cuttings from.

My favourite plants are these mini cyclamen, 5 years on now. They all have a lovely scent and in the summer they are allowed to go dormant and I repot them in September and off they go again.

These larger cyclamen are from seed that I collected from a plant that I had for over 20 yrs but last year it got vine weevil and died. I am amazed at the variation in flower colour and size from an originally all white plant. It had been my late mum’s so it held special memories for me.

There are also Amaryllis still in leaf from last year as well as a few other bulbs.

Lachenalia bulbifera

Scilla violacea

Then of course the Schlumbergia still doing well as the conservatory is cooler than the rest of the house.

Then there is this twining plant and I cant remember its name.

The conservatory is invaluable for plants and as you can see a whole host of other uses : daughter’s spare chairs, sailing rigging and the seats for the boat.

So I think OH has the better deal.
What do you think?

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Well, I think that's a lovely conservatory and I'd get rid of those spare chairs etc., and enjoy it! Your plants are lovely, especially the little Cyclamen. I love those. :) I miss my Conservatory, it was such a haven in the winter time, especially when the snow fell and you could sit in the warm with a hot cuppa and enjoy the lovely light that comes with snowfall. :) I can never fathom why people want to use them as storage facilities or kids toy rooms...or even worse, laundry drying spaces. lol...its just me, but I lived in mine!

11 Jan, 2017


the chairs will be going soon :o) and we do sit in it a lot. Some times I sleep in it too, especially on clear starry nights. in a heavy duty sleeping bag it is wonderful. we have a no laundry rule as we used to hate having to sit in my sister in law's with all her smalls etc
in a month or so all the boat fittings will be back in the boat so it will be a lot tidier too.

11 Jan, 2017


Wow...sleep in it SBG...thats a great idea! Glad you'll soon have it back to yourself! I like the bike lamps etc, but I'd hate to have to dust em!

11 Jan, 2017


Its huge! You are very disciplined keeping the plants to one end - we could fit three of ours into that space! Your cyclamen area treat, such a lovely range of colours.

11 Jan, 2017


Compromise, that's the word! In our conservatory all my Cymbidiums, Citrus as permanents and just germinated seedling Iris seedlings. OH, two model railways, 6 ft each in length! Who has the best deal, here.
I wonder if my Christmas Cactus would survive in here at 7C in winter?

12 Jan, 2017


Thanks for sharing.

12 Jan, 2017


Wow, what a lovely cosy place to sit or even sleep! Why on earth are you getting rid of your chairs? All your plants and cuttings look very healthy, it's much better to keep them cool rather than over heat them isn't it?

12 Jan, 2017


I don't dust them CK and when the brass tarnishes OH gets the brasso out, his toys :o)

That's right Siris, compromise is the order of the day and the schlumbergia do well as the heating only really keeps the chill off in winter. Some plants didn't like it last winter and ended up at work. which now I think about it are still at work and I have retired. ah well never mind. My brother has a spare room in his house as his train layout, so I know what you mean.

Wadyy there are 2 dining chairs that will make their way upstairs to the daughter's exited bedroom, now she has left home. and yes over heating is not a good idea. many have to be moved out come the summer so they don't cook :o)

12 Jan, 2017


Oh I do wish we had a conservatory though the contents would add to the clutter! Yours looks so cosy.

My dream conservatory would have butterflies hatching and the odd foreign bird!

A friend who has now gone into a Home had a lovely conservatory and never used it! Couldn't understand that.

(Have an old bicycle lamp somewhere and a miner's lamp. That is one I can see, isn't it?)

12 Jan, 2017


SBG just checked the max/min thermometer in our conservatory and the min is 7. Four Christmas cacti live in there and all have flowered profusely. You could always put a fan heater on Frostat nearby just in case.

12 Jan, 2017


yes it is miners lamp Eirlys circa 1900 in keeping with the acetylene lamps. they all work too. there are 2 interior ship lamps [paraffin] on gimbals on the other end wall as well as a couple of Victorian oil lamps. there are electric lamps too so we don't look too strange and 'living in the past' haha.

if it is forecast for really cold we do have a halogen heater that goes in there Stera to keep it frost free :o)

13 Jan, 2017


On the subject of keeping conservatories frost free, ours has electrical tubular heaters on a thermostat set to 7 C which we put in there in the winter. Occasionally it goes below that. We use ours all though the summer, but it is just too cold in the winter for OAPs.

13 Jan, 2017


Your conservatory has inspired me to write a blog Seaburn the plant that you have mislaid the name of is Mandervilla ours is in the conservatory also, I have never thought of bringing in the Cyclamen, yours look very healthy, also the cacti, and I had never thought of sleeping in there, it would be rather cold once the log burner had gone out lol!!

14 Jan, 2017


Mandervilla , that's it thankyou dd2

The cyclamen are the ones that aren't fully hardy but again I cant remember which one, Rainbow rings a bell and give up if they get around 0c, according to the label that came with them.
the hederifolium/Neapolitan/coum ones stay out all year.

the spare duvet is called into action if Oh has gone off and taken the good sleeping bag and perhaps I'm just going on a nostalgia kick but being snug under an eiderdown with frost on the window panes was a wonderful childhood experience. getting out onto lino floors in bare feet to run across the landing to the bathroom is one I d prefer to forget though :o)

15 Jan, 2017


Our conservatory is really great for star, moon and planet gazing! I've even seen the Northern Lights here a few years ago - Truly amazing to see them here in Canterbury... :o)

15 Jan, 2017


yes mine is too :o)

15 Jan, 2017


Your conservatory looks posh, ours a utility area. Clutter level about the same.
You must show us your pond, when it starts into growth please, SBG.

16 Jan, 2017


Hi Sbg, your conservatory looks great, and yes I think OH has the better deal, lol, Derek.

17 Jan, 2017


Your conservatory is lovely SBG. Those cyclamen are beautiful... Id have to clean my conservatory/ greenhouse / laundry drying general dumping ground before I could post

17 Jan, 2017


thanks Derek.
Yes I know what you mean, I did do a bit of a tidy up first :p

17 Jan, 2017


Lol, Derek.

19 Jan, 2017

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