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Two tidy shady beds.


Continuing around the garden, there is a wrought iron fence and gate to prevent people getting into the back garden uninvited. Either side there are 2 beds, one gets a lot of shade the other only first thing in the morning.

Both have bittercress , the shadiest also has Lesser celandine, whilst the sunnier one has nettles and a bit of enchanters nightshade. [That is more problematic due to its rhizomes]

It was cool but sunny on Monday so I tackled them both. Lots of dead beech leaves to remove and weeding .
This part has clematis tangutica Bill Mckenzie and Jasmine nudifolia, Daphne tangutica as well as some shady ladies.

I have removed half of the Persicari Purple fantasy as it is becoming a little rampant. I also lifted an epimedium ilicifolium that was struggling and it is now in the coldframe, hopefully recovering.

This snowflake does well in this part.

This part gets more sun and has a wisteria up the wall [2 flowers in 20 yrs :o( as well as Rosa New Dawn and clematis Victoria. There are 2 Daphne odora, Lime light and Mae Jima

This is lime light.

I have several herbaceous plants in this bed but not much to show yet.

I have to do the edging but it started to rain so I went in the greenhouse potting up cuttings etc.

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You have a lot of work to do there still, but you have also done a lot already! 😀 I hope your Epimedium ilicifolium recovers. I didn't know this plant before so I looked it up & the flowers look almost like spiders! 😱😀

Have you really had only 2 flowers on your Wisteria in 20 years? I imagine you never prune it then? There are pruning techniques that can get Wisterias to flower. I expect your is far too big to prune, isn't it?

I liked your Daphne odora 'Lime Light'! 😀

7 Mar, 2019


You're on fire, busy busy busy :). Looking good.

7 Mar, 2019


Welcome to retirement? It's hard work isn't it!

7 Mar, 2019


Balcony I do prune it but not correctly or at the right time. this is just one of those things and one day I will get it right.

thanks Dawn and yes Siris I have always been busy and it is even more so now I have retired.

7 Mar, 2019


It is all looking good. How did we ever have time to go to work?

9 Mar, 2019


I did less of my enjoyable past-times when I worked SG. But now that both girls are grown that frees up even more time. But OH takes up my time too, Fridays are bike days with a group of 50+ blokes. I'm the only female who goes pillion regularly. But its fresh air so not complaining.

9 Mar, 2019


The best thing for me when I retired was being able to work in the garden whenever I chose to, weather permitting, not having to fit in between working hours, a stint outside and a few minutes on household chores, lol, you have been making very good progress Seaburn and you can definitely see where you have been, my shady area has gradually filled up in recent years as I add plants more suited to grow in that situation, hardy geraniums love it down there....

9 Mar, 2019

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