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Just short of 300 miles.


It has been a very odd, if not pleasurable, 3 days. On Sunday hubby and I embarked on the first rally of the season with the AJS & Matchless owners club. It was sunny and ideal gardening weather but I donned the Kevlar trousers and jacket and headed out on pillion for a 100 mile tour of the Yorkshire Wolds. No picture of the Wolds just the bike before we set off.

For those interested it is a 1961 Matchless G80. rebuilt by hubby over 20 yrs ago. Its comfortable too, some of his bikes have an uncomfortable peg position that means I end up with pins and needles.

Monday was another lovely day so I took some photos fisrt thing then did some weeding in the front garden.
This is the far corner under the beech tree; only gets sun first thing. To the right of the stump is where Cherry [Eldest’s Belgian Hare] is buried. Still need to add more plants here.

These Scilla formerly Chinodoxia are further behind than the ones in the front garden.

I love this woodlander but am having a senior moment as to its name.

After breakfast yesterday I set to and did more weeding in the bed to the side of the house.
This is the bed that runs down the drive and its roughly triangular in shape.

A bit more weeded. mainly cleavers with a few willowherbs and just a bit too much bindweed.

This shrubby honeysuckle is flowering nicely now.

As is the witch-hazel. This was a £3.00 plant in ‘casualty corner’ in a garden centre about 10 yrs ago. It is slowly getting better but it was kept in a large pot for a good 5 years before I got it planted out.

Other plants that were doing well yesterday were
Corydalis Firecracker. It really is as red as the photo suggests

This camellia is doing well this year. I will have to prune it when its finished as it is getting too tall for its space.

I love this epimedium, its in a corner under the beech tree and never fails to perform. A much shadier area than the other side where Cherry is buried.

Just to prove we had a lovely blue sky: Kerria.

This shady lady gets better every year too: Scolopia

Now there are 200 miles missing from this blog. Today we hitched the boat to the van and set off to Northumberland. Kielder reservoir to be precise. The predicted winds of 5 knots was wishful thinking. There are white horses and steady winds of 16 knots. 8c inside and not much warmer outside either.
looking West down the reservoir:

across to the north

and to the east.

But flowers are here too; not natives but still a lovely sight. Just waiting for the ospreys and oystercatchers to put in an appearance and I will be one happy bunny.

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I really admire your bravery getting on the back of the bike. And you must be tough too, to cope with those cold winds! Its been cold and windy here today too. I'll be glad when the winds drop and we can enjoy the spring. Lovely photos though...thank you!

26 Mar, 2019


bravery or foolhardiness? I am never 100 % certain. it doesn't help when a family member refers to us 'organ donors' !

glad you enjoyed my blog.

26 Mar, 2019



26 Mar, 2019


You had a hectic couple of days! Your garden looks very good!

That Corydalis 'Firecracker' is a very vibrant red for this time of the year! Very unusual!

26 Mar, 2019


Some lovely plants, the beautiful red Corydalis is amazing and love the Epimedium.

26 Mar, 2019


You are one tough cookie SBG! Agree with Honeysuckle, I love the Corydalis too and it obviously loves you too...
never seen a Scolopia before - what an interesting flower! I just looked it up on line but could only find one that is a tree.

26 Mar, 2019


Scopolia camioica 'Zwanenberg' is its full name according to the label Stera. though on googling it it seems it is actually S carniolica. will amend my plant list.

firecracker was such a vibrant red I couldn't resist getting it though at the time I had told my self no more!

it is very windy here today but I don't think it will stop us getting out for a sail for a little while. there is a pub at the other end at Leaplish, they do decent pub food so that might be lunch taken care of.

27 Mar, 2019


Your bike looks terrific. We used to have a Lotus 7 race car. It was wonderful going up hills and surprised a few BMWs.
That was a lot of hard work you had on the bed down the side of your drive. Worth it tho'. It is great to see all the spring flowers coming out.

27 Mar, 2019


Love your blog. What an adventurous life you have.
Colin loved the bike, it bought happy memories for him
As usual the garden looks good.
Keep up the hard work.
You also mentioned reducing your camellia - I need to shorten one of mine. Do you just trim the leader at the top ?

27 Mar, 2019


I think I am going to have to be brutal and have a good 1/3 taken off the main stems. it has two choices recover or.......

I might see if I can take cuttings with the prunings.

28 Mar, 2019


Wow you really lead an exciting life Seaburn, the bike would be a yes for me, I used to love riding pillion but its many years since I did, the boat however would be something I'd never do, cannot even go in a little rowing boat, lol, we went to the Keilder Forest and Reservior last year whilst on holiday up there, it beautiful isn't it...Do like the Corydalis, its a lovely colour, Scolopia I don't know at all, you're working your way around your borders aren't you, it's good being able to work in the garden or take a few days away without having to think about work isn't it, you enjoy it Seaburn...

28 Mar, 2019


last year the water levels were very low Lincs. Now they are back up to typically high levels. But far too windy to sail. there were white horses on 3ft waves! on the way home we called in to see my brother and the sea at Seaburn was 6" waves and very calm. that is just typical!

off out on a bike again tomorrow as long as its not raining. Been riding pillion over 40 yrs now. Did a little bit more weeding too.

28 Mar, 2019

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