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The first day of my social distancing.


Many of us will be blessed with work to do in the garden. I was lazy in the autumn and didn’t really do any tidying in the garden and there are lots of annual weeds and some perennial ones that are showing now. Although I am not in the 70+ bracket my gp has said I am a little more at risk due the pneumonia I had back in Nov 2018. So I am following the advice.

Due to the sunshine I have been tackling the weeds. There is a border that runs along side the driveway to the old peoples home. The soil is poor, lots of rubble and mainly in shade for most of the day.

The main weeds in this bit are Garlic mustard, herb Robert and hoary willow herb. There is also quite a bit of moss and one of the creeping speedwells.

6 hours later I finished the edging and decided to call it a day.

The rest of the bed is still to do but we are due for rain tomorrow.

There are many plants starting to put on their show so I thought I’d share a few with you.
This is Scopolia carniolica ‘Zwanenberg’ a burgundy flower. I have a yellow one that I needs a full id. I’ve posted it on the question page.

Whilst digging I came across a lot of worms and I was delighted to find the earthworm, Lumbricus terrestris. when contracted it is as thick as my middle finger and when stretched out it was over 10 inches. A real ally in the garden.

In the back garden this Allium is in flower. It is A paradoxum var normale

This Erythronium ‘Purple King’ is a hardy thing, it has forced itself up in between the rhizomes of a bearded iris. In the autumn I will have to remove the spent rhizome.

Starting to look tatty now but this hellebore has been wonderful and the squirrel has left it alone this year.

One of the pots on the wall is Tulip Fashion. After flowering I will plant them in the garden.

I have lots still to do so as long as the weather is kind.
I hope you are able to get out and do some enjoyable gardening.

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It all looks great, it's amazing how satisfying just getting out and doing a bit in the garden can be, and you wouldn't have seen the worm for indoors! I found a large pot of little tulips similar to yours in the area where I store plants waiting to go in somewhere and the tubs that have flowered. Lovely splash of red intermingled with common blue Grape Hyacinths - and one self sown foxglove, huge and obviously been there a while! I will have to plant that somewhere when the tulips have finished.
Your Hellebore is stunning and the Skimmia looks so thick and healthy, sometimes they are moody about where they get planted after being molly-coddled in the Garden Centres!

18 Mar, 2020


That Hellebore is stunning, so many flowers.

18 Mar, 2020


I really enjoy seeing what wildlife on the small scale is in the garden. Saw a couple of red velvet mites too, the most amazing scarlet but gone before I could take a picture. I am always surprised to find large foxgloves in areas where I haven't planted them, guess its due to the fine seed blowing about or being taken on the soles of shoes. But why always at the front edge of a border that means they have to be moved?

The Skimmia was bought from a nursery rather than a garden centre. Several of mine are from seed collected. I have one that is struggling due to Clematis montana 'Elizabeth' swamping it last year. I will have to give it a prune later after it has flowered.

Last yr lots of flowers were snipped off and scattered around the garden. eventually I saw a male squirrel take one up to another squirrel on the fence. That one accepted it then allowed the other to mate with her. So clearly the squirrel enjoyed a bunch of flowers to soften her heart. So I am really pleased that it has been left alone.

Its raining a little here today so I am off to my sewing room.

18 Mar, 2020


Weren't you lucky to witness the floral courtship! And that is a very impressive worm - wonder if you have any more like that!
I'm plagued by foxgloves too. They pop up everywhere in the most inappropriate places and I have to confess they sometimes get turfed out.
Love your Erithronium

18 Mar, 2020


The border looks much better now, I hope you'll be able to tackle the rest soon.
People walking along the path will have something pleasant to see as they go by :)
Lumbricus terrestris - now that brings back memories of A level days ! :O

18 Mar, 2020


You have some lovely plants well done with what you ve accomplished so far.

18 Mar, 2020


I will be joining you in the social distancing. I'm glad I have a garden and enjoy working in it. We just require some sunshine and a bit warmer weather.
By the way your garden looks lovely.
Best wishes

18 Mar, 2020


Love the worm, I'm a real softie for worms, I actually hear myself say 'Sorry!' to them as I turn them over (carefully) in my pots. Just hope the neighbours don't hear me saying it - ha-ha!

I always take it to mean the compost is good and healthy.

Love the tulips, ours aren't out yet, those ones are really pretty.

And I am so jealous of your squirrel story!!!

18 Mar, 2020


I feel bad when I inadvertently cut a worm in 2 but the birds soon come down for an easy meal. There are lots of them so I know my soil is healthy. :o)

18 Mar, 2020

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