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First proper frost today


Well it seems like the beginning of winter today in some respects.

We woke up to quite a hard frost this morning and the dahlias and nasturtiums look very sad indeed. But on the plus side the cold night meant a clear blue sky this morning.

This is what I see when I open my eyes: the beech tree.

In the last few days there have been some nice flowers still doing well.

Boltonia asteroides, some call them moon daisies, and they do glow nicely in the twilight.

The Acanthus has finally decided to flower but only one spike this year. Well I did try and dig most of it out last year as it had got too big for its space.

This pretty dwarf Chrysanthemum had been in a pot for about 6 yrs and wasn’t very happy: but look at it now it has been released. Love the colour of it and it only stands about 15" high.

The Ivy is full of flowers and on milder dry days it is positively buzzing with bees, wasps and other insects.

I was hoping to garden today but OH suggested a ride on the BMW to the coast, so we donned the thermal under layers and and rode out. Not quite ‘Easyrider’ but we had a lovely day. A decent meal in a village pub was the icing on the proverbial cake.

It is forecast dry tomorrow so I will start lockdown doing some tidying up in the flower beds. Then if it is wet I will plan a quilt.

What are you going/planning to do during the next phase of Covid19?

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We to had a sharp frost followed by deep blue Mediterranean sky’s and sunshine, which looked wonderful whilst I gazed through a group of birch trees and their butter lemon leaves gently blowing in the breeze, I like the boltonia i have never seen this before, is it a clump forming perennial? And the Chrisanthes are lovely too, and the ivy what a wonderful plant this really is for nature, I have been encouraging this to thrive in certain areas of folks gardens and like you say they are still swarming with bees wasps and flys etc, I have been doing a little project on mother in laws garden which I hope to finish in the next few weeks , and more time down on my allotment gardens, lovely blog.

4 Nov, 2020


Hi Eileen, this sounds like me last week, lol. Is this cold from storm Zeta which I had last week? My dahlias are tucked away in a closet someplace in my basement. The weather has rebounded to springlike again and I can continue with the dividing, transplanting, reseeding & bulb planting again. Your garden is very colorful despite the weather. I love waking up to a cool crisp morning.

5 Nov, 2020


Love crisp sunny days. Today 5th Nov, our second frost.
SBG, was your Boltonia once classified as an Aster? Not hear of it before, another spreader like Kalmeris? which is still flowering.

5 Nov, 2020


First day of another Lockdown so I'm glad the sky is a clear blue with sunshine and barely any wind blowing. We have a light ground frost too but hope to give the lawn the final cut of the year (mower set on 'high') later today and I shall be cutting back the Penstemons by about a third. Some are still flowering so they can stay until they fade. Then it's emptying the compost bin and spreading a mulch on the flower beds ... :o)

5 Nov, 2020


thanks for the lovely comments.
Boltonia is also known as a false aster, so I dont think it has been reclassified. it is a native of USA and Canada [Mississippi delta apparently] and is a gentle creeping plant in the place where I have it.
my kalmeris is also still in flower and after its first initial rampage [tripling in size in the first year ] has settled down stays well behaved.

the tail end of Zeta got over here but brought milder weather, we had some effect from storm Aiden but the frosts are due to clear skies and this is quite typical of our weather in Nov in the UK. We have light cloud cover so no frost for us this morning but it is definitely cooler.

5 Nov, 2020


Lovely photographs and blog, we are doing well this week, sunny days with blue sky and fluffy white clouds, no frost as of yet but I have been busy putting things away for the winter, the night skies have been clear, lots of stars, figured we will soon wake up to frosty mornings so I'd play it safe.
With another lockdown ( no surprise really) I am now wondering if I should have held onto my g'house for another year, mainly to give me space over the coming months, I'm having fun playing jiggorey-pokery fitting everything into my other one, I did keep all the stands though so can still sow my own seeds, just not as many as I did this year, lol, saying that I do love my rose garden.
I have already moved one of my compost bins to the other side of the garden, I could see it from my sitting room window which was annoying me immensely, the
top g'house used to hide them, number two bin is moving next springtime, I have to clear out part of my raised bed behind the shed first, the flowers are not ready to go to sleep yet, so I'm deadheading daily, our tree is still holding onto the leaves and a few apples that I cannot reach, that will be a fun job when they do fall, I'm putting off getting the mower out, its best left to grow longer, otherwise the dogs will ruin it, learnt that lesson a few years back, its all mainly pottering Seaburn and dreaming up projects for next year...

5 Nov, 2020


I loved your blog Seaburn ! I had never heard of Boltonia before. Did you buy it at a garden centre? Your Chrysanth looks lovely!
We haven't had any frost yet on the east coast and usually don't get many frosts either. My hubby says it is because we are near the sea.

5 Nov, 2020


I've been checking pots of plants today, checking for vine weevil, weeding and repotting into slightly bigger pots. Some have come into the greenhouse, others into the old fruit cage where the weather can do its worst. I could do with more staging really, or better still clean out the junk that has collected on the lower shelves. that can be another day though. I also need to empty compost bins though fortunately they don't get seen as they are down the side of the garage.

The Boltonia came from our members plant stall at one of our local HPS meetings. There was only the one and as I man it I was able to snaffle it. I don't usually but I couldn't resist. I usually wait and see if a plant is still there at the end and then buy it. Several members say I am very restrained! It wouldn't be fair if I always took first pick.

5 Nov, 2020


Nice to see so much colour still in your garden, SBG! The Boltonia looks very nice! The Chrysanthemum is doing very well & it has lots of flowers with many more still to come!

We had a very light touch of frost here but today we have had fog & mist till just after midday but now the sun is shining very brightly. Due to its ever decreasing angle in the sky it comes more & more into our flat - so much so that my wife has to wear sunglasses to go into the kitchen!

As we have Persian blinds in the kitchen it's an easy matter for me to turn the slats over & so direct most of the sunlight back out again without making the kitchen dark.

5 Nov, 2020


I like your Autumn plants SBG. No frost on Vancouver Island yet but I know its coming soon. Your chrysanthemum has beautiful rich colour.
My chrysanthemums are just starting to bloom, mostly still in bud . I grow few from previous years cuttings.

5 Nov, 2020


Some lovely flowers still Eileen! The chrysanthemum looks very happy indeed to be out of its pot! Glad to hear you managed to fit in a trip to the coast before lockdown starts again.You sound very organised as usual!
Wales hasn't started another one yet so I'm hoping for a short trip to the nearest nursery on Monday for some bedding prims. Its been a glorious day here, didn't need a jacket! OH put some preservative on the wallhouse and the chairs - such a rewarding job as they look heaps better.
I took the pelargoniums out of the urn on the lawn and hope the weather will hold at least until I've planted the tulips - went mad and bought a lot this year (a birthday present from OH)

5 Nov, 2020


It's nice to see so many flowers at this time of year. It cheers the garden up so much.
We had a bit of frost here yesterday, the rooftops were rather white first thing but it soon cleared
Our lockdown ends next Monday 9th. During the dryer weather I have been planting my bulbs and getting my Fuchsias into the shed for winter.

5 Nov, 2020


Your garden’s looking lovely. Since you ask, I think I’ll try painting a card for Christmas during this frosty lockdown spell 🙂.

6 Nov, 2020


We are not too far from you, Eileen, but we haven’t had any frost yet. We’re right on the river/estuary. Foggy mornings however, then by mid morning, lovely bright sunshine.
Your garden is looking pretty and colourful during late autumn.
I’ll be working this lockdown as before, I’m really very busy. Not enough hours in the day! I’ll be travelling around enjoying the autumn colour and beauty.
I’ll also be doing a little sewing, reading and diy.

7 Nov, 2020


I have always been amazed at the weather changes. When my eldest was courting a lad in Cottingham and they were too young to drive it used to be my regular job. it could be -2 here and dropping down just 2 miles away it could be +3.
I remember several times I woke up to snow but at Willerby there'd be none. The school kids couldn't grasp how the edge of the Wolds gives us such a microclimate. But the snow on the roof of the car was hard to fake. At least we can keep busy.

I ve spent the day with my youngest sorting out the crafts we have made to put them up on Instagram. Taking photos and descriptions. She will add them over the next week or two.

if you are interested then look at.

Instagram @sweet_violet_crafts

7 Nov, 2020

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