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The front garden.


As stated in the last blog we definitely need rain.
Husband decided to scarify the front and back grass areas, then planned to add feed and weed. But as we are on a water meter and he is a true Yorkshire man and canny with money he wont apply it until rain is forecast.

This is looking south with ‘Atrocity corner’ to the left and the border that I dug over in the first lockdown to remove the couch grass to the right. The border at the top of the picture is usually in shade for most of the day.

Turning towards the left and getting closer to facing ‘Atrocity Corner’.

Turning left again to face East and the border that runs along the pavement side.

A full 180 degrees from the first photo and this is the other side of the drive. Full of Appledorn tulips. This is work in progress as bind weed creeps through from next door. They just hoe off the tops and make no effort to dig it out. Well to be fair their gardener does that.

I mentioned the conifer bed needed some work and Victoria helped dig out a small leafed Euonymus and a small conifer that is meant to have new white coloured growth. She offered to help me as my back was a little sore after a couple of long bike rides.

The little conifer was transplanted into another area of the garden and if it survives it is welcome to stay.

I have planted a few summer plants & corms that need light shade. I also moved Hellebore Penny’s Pink as it was getting compromised by husband’s renovations of a bike trailer. Easier to move the plant than hubby!

This is the view from the kitchen, all weeded and the conifer bed only has 2 conifers in it. But when it was first planted 24yrs ago that is all it had in it but over time it has evolved.

Like many of you Clematis alpina is coming in to its own.

The apple blossom is gaining colour and it wont be long before it is open.

This Eremurus has formed a bud and I will post more images of this as it develops.

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Your front garden looks enormous, SBG, and very colourful. The Apeldoorns are worth their weight in gold, aren't they? So reliable and so cheering. It's interesting to see people's borders 'in the round' and not just individual plants.
I envy you the shady parts of the garden We were at a Rare Plant Fair this a.m. and I would have loved to have got my hands on some of the beguiling woodlanders!
I hope your back is improving after the bike rides and excursions. How useful to have a willing undergardener...

23 Apr, 2021


What a very good idea to put an archway in the middle of a bed. It makes such a difference to the whole view of that part of the garden. You are very tolerant of that biker of yours...

23 Apr, 2021


Lovely to see all the beds in your front garden, SBG! 👏 You have obviously been very busy but if you want your back to get into shape you really should take it more easy!

It's great to see your daughter giving you a hand as well in the garden! 👏

23 Apr, 2021


Ange the camera makes it look much bigger than it is, though it is approx 35m x 15m including the drive way. The foot print of back garden is approx 35m x 20m but that includes garage/workshop and sheds. Down one side there is a bit about 3m wide that joins up the the front and back. half in full sun most of the day the other half the opposite.
Shade can be a blessing but most garden centres don't cater for it very well, so you do have to rely on plant fairs and the like. Those growers that do specialise tend to be quite pricey and finding seed is just as much a challenge.

Stera I am really pleased with the arch as I have clematis and roses growing up and over and I have found a couple of woody nightshades twining up them too. Seed dropped by birds I guess.

Mmm I do have moments of grumpiness with him, the trailer is down the side and the Daphnes either side of the path is pushed to one side by its wheel arches. It will be going elsewhere soon so hopefully it wont be too badly damaged. His response tends to be ''it'll grow back or if not I'll replace it so stop moaning'' ! I wont change him now, not after 38yrs of marriage.

23 Apr, 2021


It is a good to see a bigger picture of your Garden SBG.
Looks like summer already. I do not have luck with Foxtail lilies. (Eremurus ). They are very ornamental.

I am glad that I am not the only one who wants to call Yorkslass Stera.

Take care of yourself. We have only one back...(.mine is very bad). Kudos to Victoria.

23 Apr, 2021


Eileen, I know what you mean about rain...we’re putting our sprinkler on again tomorrow...but...we have a tiny lawn, tiny! It’s difficult if you’ve a big lawned area, it’s a LOT of water.
Your garden is evolving nicely through the season, from when I visited. It’s lovely that Victoria is keen to help Mum!
You really must take care, enjoy your rides out, but look after yourself too - you’ve a lot of gardening years left in you yet! 😊

23 Apr, 2021


I hurt my back several years back doing some concreting and I do try to 'warm up' before digging but sitting up on pillion does put strain on it, especially if there isn't a back rest/top box.. I had a 3hr ride today and my back has been fine today. As said I just have to take it steady.

Sorry York's but I always think of you as Stera!

Just realised it is a Clematis macropetala not alpina.

23 Apr, 2021


So do I Eileen but I answer to either these days. I hadn't noticed that you called me Stera. Carry on Klahanie -Crooks and stars have aliases so why shouldn't I? Changing my name was the only way I could get back on...

23 Apr, 2021


Thank you for showing us your garden, full of interesting plants I expect. Your grass definately looks parched, seems quite a large area, hope we get some rain to quench the thirsty soil. Good old Appledoorn, so reliable, so colourful, wouldn't want to be without it.

23 Apr, 2021


What serendipity to have self sown woody nightshade growing with the other things. I've never seen it growing in a garden.Guess it will add a note of daintiness and contrast with the other things. I guess a lot of people wouldn't have it because of the delicious looking berries...

23 Apr, 2021


SBG, that's a great sized garden to play with! But a fair bit of work also.

23 Apr, 2021


I'd love to put an oval bed in the middle of the front grass but hubby says no :o(
As he has to tackle the grass and the wavy edges........

Every year though I do steal a little bit more. all the beds were 3ft wide when we moved in, they are now 5-6ft and even deeper into atrocity corner.

25 Apr, 2021


I`ve enjoyed seeing your garden and the changes your making, especially liked the Arch in the middle of the bed it makes such a bold statement. Can understand your hubby saying no to the oval bed in the lawn all that extra edging to do ... one of my least favourite jobs.

25 Apr, 2021


except I do the edges :o))

25 Apr, 2021


Oh, we've had the same 'lively discussion', SBG. I want to put a pond in the corner of our grass/lawn but OH won't hear of it. "Will spoil the symmetry", if you please! He doesn't want the fuss of it merging into the lawn..

25 Apr, 2021

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