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A pottering sort of day.


On a quick trip to the local supermarket I picked up 12 pelargoniums for £3 to go with the 6 I got for £2.50 yesterday. Now they wont have been hardened off so I potted them up into larger pots today. I also repotted the Nemesia plants that I got yesterday and several had 2 plants in each section so they were separated to grow on.

I have been hardening off the broad bean and cabbage plants that were started off in the greenhouse. They are now planted out in the veg plot. In a week or so I will put a couple of Nasturtium in with the cabbages to entice the butterflies away.

I planted out 3 Primula auricula at the front of Atrocity corner just to add a bit of colour. They are all purply but just slightly different.

When we built the rockery I had a Helianthemum on the top but this year it has died so I have taken it out and added a couple of smaller plants, right to left: Wulfenia baldaccia, Thrift and an alpine Gypsophila cerastoides.

The rockery has plenty of colour and interest [well I think so] there is a green form of Anemone nemerosa which is ‘interesting’ in an odd way.

This is the flower detail.

Next to the A. nemerosa is this lovely small fern. It is starting to unfurl and this is my favourite stage.

Looking from the rockery wall facing along its length towards the pond there is a Fritillary, but I can never remember which one.

Like many Frits the inside is very pretty too.

At this end of the rockery there is an arch with a honeysuckle growing up it. Underneath there are some Ipheon uniflora, ‘Wisley blue’ and ‘Charlotte Bishop’ a good mid pink.

At the other end by the pond we have a tray of water that we put meal worms in. This male blackbird has been feeding chicks for a few weeks now and I saw the first fledgling today.

The shady corner by the conservatory was weeded a couple of weeks ago and so far no new weeds have appeared.

And for those of you who tried to guess my ‘new disease’ here is the evidence!

We are due rain on Tuesday according to the long range forecast, lets hope we get it.

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Beautiful garden, so many lovely plants and I love the photo of the Blackbird

25 Apr, 2021


Wow,what a purchase,the perlagoniuns....I spent so much on plugs from Primrose and they are tiny.Will have to have a rethink next year.Love your garden.

25 Apr, 2021


Today lent itself to pottering, didn't it? Your pelargoniums look a good buy and very healthy. The plants on the rockery are interesting too. Never heard of wulfenia!
We have a number of blackies in the garden too who are getting tamer because we have been feeding since the winter. We were watching them this pm when we heard an outcry. A sparrowhawk had taken a starling - hard to listen to, but part of the foodchain. Just wish they got it over more quickly than they do.. Apart from that, a lovely day.

25 Apr, 2021


Fantastic bargains with the pelargoniums! Well done for spotting them. You have some nice pics there - faves are the fern, the auricula and the inside of the Frit because its easy to forget to look! The anemone is amazing - never heard of one like that!

25 Apr, 2021


Your garden is looking great. Good value Pelagoniums, (but I don't like them, thats the smell of the leaves) The green Anemone viridiflora would get lost in my garden, but I like your Auriculas, I've just pricked out 30+ of the tiniest Auricula seedlings, HPS seed, I hope they will be different colours.
Think that Fritillary is uva-vulpis, know that cause I've tried twice without success with them, but meleagris do well here.
Charlotte Bishop is a super colour.
Wait till the weed seeds get a rain soaking !!

25 Apr, 2021


Thank you ladies.
The blackbirds stay a respectful foot away but let us know when the mealworms run out!

I dont like the smell of Pelargonium leaves either but these are destined for various baskets/pots for the front garden and I am not very good at remembering to water them. they cope with the abuse! At less than 30p each I couldn't resist. [Morrisons have always had excellent value plants.]

My P auricula were from HPS seed and I have lots of different coloured ones, so fingers crossed Siris. Do you go for the pot luck or order sensibly?

Viridiflora [the label I had says viridis but that could well be wrong] is in the rockery so it wouldn't get lost. Learnt yesterday that slugs are one of the seed dispersal agents!

I thought it might have been F uva-vulpes but these are single flowers per stalk and u-v are meant to be in pairs and it is about as tall as F meleagris which is a bit tall for u-v.

The inside of all the Frits is beautiful, the arrangement of the stigma and anthers is very architectural.

Siris if you weren't a friend I'd think that was a nasty thing to say 'wait till the weed seeds get a rain soaking'. But oh it is going to be so true :o))

26 Apr, 2021


Oh, SBG, that weed comment was not supposed to be unkind. I just get my garden looking good, don't go out if it's raining, next day up come the weeds. Worse still on the allotment.

26 Apr, 2021


Oh no I know it wasn't meant to be unkind. I hoped I was gently teasing you. My response was typical of the ones my brother and I say to each other. All said with deep affection.
The other one is 'I could go off you, you know'
I know exactly what you mean though, turn your back for a minute and the bind weed[in my case] is two inches tall.

26 Apr, 2021


Another friend has said the Frit is F. pyrenaica. That is a better fit size wise etc. Checking on John Grimshaw's 'diary' it is a match too. If you dont know John Grimshaw he is the director of the Yorkshire arboretum. Lovely chap and one of our local HPS members.

26 Apr, 2021


You have been a busy bee, pottering and pricking out seedlings is all I'm doing at the moment, the ground is so dry I can't even turn the top over.. I did laugh at Siris's comment and your responses, exactly the sort of answers I would give and even the same sentences...

26 Apr, 2021


Lincs this is why I like GoY you become such good friends on here that you forget facial expressions cant be seen so you cant always tell if your leg is being gently pulled.

I had a look today and the blessed weeds are coming through anyway despite lack of rain. No who/what is having the last laugh? Mother Nature that's who! She is meant to be a friend !

26 Apr, 2021


Thanks SBG, I'll think before I type next time. Back to your HPS question, I deliberate for ages on the previous year's list, before putting in my seed order, I'm also a seed donor. Ps, a pic of your Iris ugicularis Peleponnese Snow, flowering this year is now in their image library.

26 Apr, 2021


That was a productive day SBG and all is looking well kept.
Good job.

26 Apr, 2021


I do so love a bargain. Your garden is looking lovely. They said we would have rain today as well. Blink and you missed it. I love the blackbird. I have a Robin that gardens with me. Where Ringo has calmee down a little, my Robin comes up so close as it knows I will throw the odd worm in it's direction.

27 Apr, 2021


Yes what did happen to the rain? I wouldn't even have got wet when it sprinkled this morning. I 'd use more water in a quick 1 minute shower.
Hubby is having to water the grass front and back as he put feed and weed on it last night expecting the rain today.

Did some more pricking out today and potting on of plants into the next pot size up.

27 Apr, 2021


You have been a "busy bird", haven't you SBG? 😂 You did very well to get the Pelargoniums so cheaply!

I've been potting up Geranium & Pelargonium cutting that had overwintered & now desperately needed a change in pot size!

I have also pricked out a few seedling into small pots but still have more seedlings left than pots to put them in! (Then my wife says "Why do you need so many pots?" 😂) you can never have too many pots, small ones especially at this time of the year!!!

29 Apr, 2021

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