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Tea inspired by the garden.


I was moving trays of plants out of the greenhouse this morning as part of the hardening off process and decided I really should do a bit of tidying up.
I tend to put stuff down around me and when it gets to a critical mass of chaos I have a good tidy.

This white box of labels and other bits and bobs was laid over one of the holes that we put the tomato pots in.

When I lifted it I caught one of the water drip feed pipes and noticed a shape shift in the bottom.
Toad in a hole!

Inspiration was needed for tea, so I raided the freezer. Guess what we had: yes
toad in the hole.

It was lovely too.

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I like the term 'critical mass of chaos', I can relate to that both inside and out. Here housework tends to only get looked at by that stage!
What a lovely toadie you have - see, it doesn't do to be too obsessed with order and tidyness. And the cooked toadie looked very tasty, too.

7 May, 2021


We did have some in the garden plus spawn in the pond, but I've not seen on for a long while.

7 May, 2021


Gosh, can't remember last time we had toad in the hole!
Yours looks delicious. Your toad is clearly a clever one finding such a suitable hide. He should prove a blessing in the greenhouse. Now you have tidied your greenhouse would you like to make a start on my shed? It is in dire need. Like you I've been putting stuff down rather than away for months...

7 May, 2021


Nothing beats a good clear out! Bet you feel pretty good now! Little toad looks right at home!
Your โ€˜toad in the holeโ€™ looks like good old tasty home cooking. Ps. I know where you live!!! ๐Ÿธ๐Ÿ˜†

7 May, 2021


Toad in the hole is one of OH's favourites, so if the brain fogs for something for tea, that's what he gets! simple and filling - like most of the old-fashioned recipes I expect, with loads of children they had to be.
Your real toad obviously has his own way in and out of the greenhouse, or I hope so in case he gets too hot, and he will need to get out and find a mate!

7 May, 2021


confession time!
Tea:Toad in the hole was lovely, carrots, peas and mash with gravy.

Greenhouse: I put the box back and did some sewing instead. Still got it to do. But as it is raining today i think general housework is needed as the critical mass is almost there too.
What can I say?

8 May, 2021


Sounds absolutely delicious!!! OH loves sausage and mash so, heโ€™d have eaten it up pretty quick in no time at all!
I agree with Ange, critical mass is a great description! Sometimes you just have to put some things on hold for another day and wait for the rain to pass...kick back and carry on sewing!

8 May, 2021


Haha! Seaburn! That was a coicidence! We both love toad in the hole too!

8 May, 2021


Toads give me the hebbie gebbies, but toad in the hole for dinner yummy, its funny how one thing can lead to something else.
The last time I saw a toad was yonks ago, in our outside toilet, which apparently are the must haves in gardens now :) the toilet that is :):)

9 May, 2021


I've not had Toad-in-the-hole for what seems like centuries! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Not since going to Spain way back in 1972! Used to love it as a kid though, Mum made it very well!

No problems with the real Toads here as I don't think they like balconies! ๐Ÿ˜‚

10 May, 2021

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