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Evening Sun and the greenhouse.


Plants take on different a character depending on the light levels. Over the last week, when we have had some sunshine it has been late in the day.

It has allowed for some ‘arty farty’ [according to OH] photos.
I hope you like them.
Polystichium munitum just removed last year’s fronds

Magnolia ‘Susan’

Geranium phaeum ‘Samobor’


3 lovely Sparixis flowers, early than expected but lovely none the less.

Today I also did some work in the greenhouse. Only in the front half. I potted up the toms, peppers and cucumbers and got them into the ground.

This makes the greenhouse look wonderfully tidy but this is the other half of the greenhouse.

Now from this part on if you don’t like spiders look away.
This is a wood louse spider and is about 1.5 cm long. It is one of the few that can bite and pierce our skin as it needs to bite through the exo-skeleton of a wood louse.

I often find sheets of webbing in discarded pots and I found it is one of the Lace Weaver spiders. Big hairy legs

I am looking forward to a little more sunshine like most of us.

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I had to smile, Eileen, ‘arty fatty’ OH uses the ‘pretentious’ word when I get started!!😁
That fern is a lovely big lush beauty!!! Loads of fronds unfurled/unfurling beautifully.
Pretty coloured geranium, oh and the Alexander’s are a beautiful lime green - love them!
Not sure about the close up of the ‘beasties’!!!! Interesting info though! I didn’t think they’d be so close up!😁
You’ve been extremely busy in the greenhouse, my mouth was watering there at the thought of all the fresh produce soon to come!

23 May, 2021


Hubby's words did make me chuckle, nice shots especially the one of the fronds.
Pics of the g'house made me realise that when I had two, my top one looked like yours at this time of the year, used to clear it and take the staging down to plant up my tomato's, your other side looks very much like my remaining one did until last week, everything gets dumped under the staging during the winter months when I forget to take shed keys down the garden with me, this year I had to be tidier with only having the one now, don't regret that decision, and I still have as many plants to find homes for, my tom's have had to go into bags and tubs as the floor is all granite, it will be interesting to see how they fare.
I don't do spiders so did glance away, thanks for the warning Seaburn, the info was very interesting though, its only the looking bit that makes me shiver....

24 May, 2021


The photos taken in the evening sunshine really are different and are truly lovely.
We have had sunshine only in the early evening for a few days now and it still isn't very warm!
The garden does look special though and your photos are great- my favourite is the third one I think!
Thank you.

24 May, 2021


It's great to see so many flowers blooming now! Your shots of sunlight on your plants is a slightly different take on our normal photos of our plants!

I, for one, try to avoid taking photos in full sunshine as it ruins them. We don't realise until we see our photos later on the computer screen just how much sunlight "bleaches" the colour out of them! Or we get such reflection back from shiny petals or leaves that the subject practically disappears in the glare! The camera flash can do almost the same on shiny surfaces as well!

I like your idea of taking pictures when the sun in going down, it's not such a hard light & being softer "lights" up plants in a different way without ruining the colours.

Congratulations on your photos! 👏 👏 👏

25 May, 2021


Thanks Balcony, It is a different skill taking these types of photo especially as it is not one of what we call proper slr cameras just a small point and shoot automatic.

25 May, 2021


OH's tend not to respect our artistic endeavours, I find, SBG. (!) I was particularly interested in the spiders. I've seen a few Lace Weaver spiders before but not the Woodlouse spider.

25 May, 2021


The ones I have seen before tended to have silvery abdomens, not this yellowy colour.

25 May, 2021


I've never seen a woodlouse spider either. We could do with a few of those in the house. (On second thoughts pehraps not...)I was told yesterday that everyone round here has woodlice in the house - they die round the edges of the carpets. The house spiders here are strange flimsy spindly ones, on the same lines as daddy long legs. I sometimes wonder they find to live on.

26 May, 2021


Interesting light photos :)
Your greenhouse is tidy enough, you can get in there ...
Interesting spiders.

30 May, 2021


I often find dead woodlice in the house too Yorks and Toria often rescues any live ones we find. I think they come up from under the floorboards then they get too dry and they die. They have damp gills to 'breathe' and they get too dry due to carpets/C/heating etc.

I have always loved spiders since being told the story of Lord of the Rings when I was 8 yrs old. Shelob held no fears Paul.

Hywel, I was starting to find it a bit of an obstacle course and that just isn't safe is it? But I do have that sort of mentality until it get's to a 'critical mass of chaos'. Same with my sewing room.

31 May, 2021


Same here lol

31 May, 2021

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