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The garden has burgeoned in June


Like many of you the rain and sudden warmth has meant the garden has suddenly had a growth spurt.

Many plants are starting to flower and because of the weather there are combinations that don’t usually go together for me. Not that I am complaining.

Today I removed lots self sown Centaurea pulchrama Major to make way for a couple of Silene. I had a look at the back of Atrocity corner where lots of hybrid bluebells are and I am planning to have a good dig out soon.

I did take the camera out so here we are. If you get bored of them just skip them.
A general view of part of the front border.

Baptista australis Purple Smoke

Clematis montana Elizabeth. She is for a severe chop after flowering and may even get taken out.

Clematis Niobe

This is a foxtail lily and was meant to be a pink cultivar.

Iris and Baptista

This Clematis cirrhosa was hard pruned in February and I thought I’d killed it but with a bit of warmth it is re-sprouting in several places.

This is the back side [?!] of atrocity corner that needs a clear out and I have a young hornbeam that will slip in there nicely.

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Yes, I was noticing this afternoon a sudden growth spurt in the flowering fraternity this afternoon! You have some appealing mixes there. I have a couple of misnamed plants that have come out, like your foxtail lily - neither of which I like very much! So annoying!

2 Jun, 2021


So much green here....colours are very faint..just emerging...your Iris are lovely, Eileen....

2 Jun, 2021


Yes everything seems to have put on a spurt of growth, It's nice to see your garden is thriving.

2 Jun, 2021


I didn’t skip a one! Everything is looking so lush and happy in your garden, Eileen. Lots of pretty, subtle colour too. That’s a positive growth spurt on your clematis cirrhosa!!! The Niobe is a pretty colour too.
Plus your ‘atrocity’ corner looks like it’s having fun! Lots of green healthy plants!

3 Jun, 2021


Very nice sbg especially the lovely irises.

3 Jun, 2021


What a contrast the front bed is, comparing it with what it was like when you set about it in the winter! Its all lovely, especially the blue Iris. Sorry if the Foxtail is a disappointment - you must admit the white is really attractive though.

3 Jun, 2021


You might think atrocity, but I bet the bugs love it, all that lush greenery and cover.
We have lush greenery - nettles, white dead nettle and grass!

3 Jun, 2021


they do Honeysuckle which is why I want to sort it a bit better and plant more sympathetically.
I do love the foxtail as it is a lovely pure white, its just that I had bought a pink one Yorks.
the sweet rocket is living up to its adjective this the evening.
I bet Kate sees the biggest difference from when she was over in April.

3 Jun, 2021


I definitely do! It has absolutely flourished. It’s looking, lush and filled with lovely colour!

4 Jun, 2021


You must come over again Kate and bring hubby, at least we wont have to sit in coats and shiver.

4 Jun, 2021


Lovely, the foxtail Lily is beautiful :-))

5 Jun, 2021


I like it all,Eileen,all that lush fresh green,and beautful flowers too.what's not to like? I do love the Foxtail Lily ,and I think my next door neighbour's are about to flower,which are new to him this year.They make his Lupins look like dwarfs ! Lol lovely Iris too,so thanks for the tour :o)

8 Jun, 2021


Thank you daylily and Bloomer.
I am toying with getting more for next year.

9 Jun, 2021


Thank you, Eileen! Yes, it was a bit chilly last time!! ☺️

11 Jun, 2021

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