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Just those little jobs.


Today threatened rain but it was just the odd spit spot for most of the day.
I decided to tidy the edges of the border in front of the rockery.

This bit has bulbs, P. denticulata , hesperanthus and a few other perenials. The rest of it has wild flowers but the grass edges are no longer neat.

I had to ask OH for a string line and he gave me these bricklayers line. These used to belong to his grandad and are over 60 yrs old. We have used them for lots of home projects.

Line laid out ready for cutting.

Cut and weeded and pleased how neat it looks.

I then went into the front garden and removed all the dead bulb foliage, replanted the strip with violas, Nemesia and Alyissum.

Then the heavens opened for several hours.

Other views from the garden from today.
Last night I noticed, under the leaves of the crab apple, this reddy felt-like ‘stuff’ It turns out to be an Apple felt gall. There is a small mite that feeds on the leaf and this felt-like material is the response. I woke at 5 this morning and found Toria’s book on plant galls and found out what it was.

A sweet scented Hemerocallis.

Hebe macracantha

I know it is a native but Herb Robert is such a good source of nectar and it is pretty even though smelly.

Moth trap is going out tonight so an early get up for me.

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Goodness, that lawn edge is so straight it makes me nervous!! Your "before" picture looks like mine when I've just finished it... its really nice to have a "historic" line - so much nicer (and more o) than my length of string tied round two sticks...

The gall mite could well be a pain but isn't it pretty? You deserve some sort of award for looking things up at 5.00 - that's not much after the middle of the night. Did you find any more rare moths?

I'd never noticed campion having a smell - will investigate tomorrow.

6 Jun, 2021


Looks great, it rained here in the morning but was really warm after so managed to get a few things done :-)

6 Jun, 2021


Yorks, that was a tidy edge after OH had cut the grass but he had commented it was no longer straight. That was his way of saying it's about time I got the half moon spade out.!

Nothing rare in the trap but a 'least dark arches' on the door on our way up to bed last night.

The herb Robert has a unpleasant smell to its leaves, I don't know if campion has a scent I will need to go and sniff too.

It rained on an off all evening Daylily and the garden smells so fresh this morning.

7 Jun, 2021


Looks good. It's very satisfying isn't it after a job is done. The hedge banks round here look so pretty at the moment with all the wild flowers,especially the Herb Robert mixed in with White Dead Nettle, some early Stitchwort & Campion. I look at it & wonder why I don't give up gardening & just let nature do its thing. The Wayfaring shrubs & the Cow Parsley are looking pretty too. Some call the latter Queen Anne's Lace. A nice name for it.

7 Jun, 2021


That lawn edge looks so neat and tidy, good job done. You are ahead of me with your Hemerocallis, but i do like them to wait till the Iris have finished, gives me a better continuity of flowering.

7 Jun, 2021


Just been out to sniff some campion and couldn't detect any perfume or otherwise! Can't think why I thought campion when you wrote Herb Robert - no mistaking the smell of that little personality is there? Expect its because it pops up all over the place here and Herb Robert seems to confine itself more to hedge bottoms.

Feverfew we don't seem to have any white dead nettle round here or any stitchwort, which was everywhere up in Staffs. . Wonder if its a matter of what sort of soil you have. Might be interesting to make a list of what does grow "unofficially"in our gardens - in fact I think I'll do it. Watch this space!

Eileen, just looked up Dark arches - unassuming little chap!

7 Jun, 2021


Good job, Eileen!!! You are always busy busy.. everything looking nice and tidy. I’ve Herb Robert too, popping up in sporadic sites more so in the front garden.
It was spitting a little today, but, very humid and often bright sunshine in Lincolnshire…it’s been raining fairly heavy this evening here at home, but muggy.

7 Jun, 2021


This Hemerocallis is by far the earliest Siris, most come out late June for me.
Toria tells me the moth is 'least black arches' Yorks. There are other moths called Black arches and they are twice the size. So confusing using common names, just like with plants I guess.
We have had lots of heavy rain this afternoon and rumbles of thunder but it is still very humid Kate. Hoping to go on a motor bike jaunt with hubby tomorrow weather permitting. Paul Hudson recons it will be dry. We will see.

7 Jun, 2021


Yes, I saw that!!! I hope he has got his forecast right this evening!!!! He often makes a boob doesn’t he!! 😁
The thunderstorms are here now on Victoria dock…hopefully it will all be gone for your ride out tomorrow 🤞

7 Jun, 2021


Your lawn edging looks very tidy now, and the border is going to look colourful in a while.
I like Herb Robert and I always leave some in odd parts of my garden, where it can get quite big.

7 Jun, 2021

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