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Sunshine effects


One of the joys [?] of being up very early to help Toria with the moths is seeing plants bathed in very early morning sun. The same can be said for late evening too.
Here are some photos taken at either end of the day.
An un-named iris in the back garden [am]

Iris brevicaulis in the front garden [am]

Another un-named iris in the front garden. [am]

Last night the sun and light quality at 8.30pm was still very good. This was the view over the garden wall into the garden. Hesperis filling the garden with scent.

A closer view of Clematis Niobe

Close up of the flower.

This last photo is of a collection of pots sitting on the pond wall, rarely gets direct sunshine. The little Hosta is Lime and Lemon: leaves are about 2" long.

The stone owl was a gift from one of my most difficult students. He bought me it when he finished his GCSE’s with a note “for having the patience of a saint {not St Michael} and the strength to drag me kicking and screaming to complete work at breakfast club and not losing your temper. Thanks Miss”. And he passed with a C grade. Sometimes these results mean more than a well adjusted hard working A* student.
Actually this owl is the only proper ornament I have in the garden.

Off for an early-ish night as the moth trap is now lit.

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I like your clematis. It looks nice in the early sunshine. I've never had a clematis. They seem difficult to care for.

14 Jun, 2021


I find Clematis are easy here but perhaps they don't like your summer heat.
There are species for every season and I think people are scared of how of prune them as there are 3 basic groups. But even if you prune them at the wrong time they usually are very forgiving.

15 Jun, 2021


The light can be glorous at either end of the day, love early mornings, not too early thought. Dont do late evnings, have worn my self out by then!
That first innamed Iris is called Indian Chief, a very old heritage variety, and the third is like Jane Philips.

15 Jun, 2021


I have Jane Philips elsewhere in the garden and the flowers are closer together on the stem. This one has a very tall flower stem with the flowers well spaced out. I'll post a picture of the whole plant so you can see what I mean.
Indian chief sounds good. thanks.

15 Jun, 2021


I do agree with you,'s first morning light and late evening the plants show at their best.

15 Jun, 2021


I agree too, the plants look beautiful with the "sunshine effect'. :-)

15 Jun, 2021


Best times of the day at this time of year. Your clematis is a stunner. I think you're right: most of mine on the arches are showing signs of distress - far too dry, I think, although well-watered. (Another enthusiasm tempered..). I'm re-thinking bearded iris, too.

15 Jun, 2021


The owl may be your only ornament but the note speaks volumes and I guess you will treasure it!

15 Jun, 2021


Yes I did keep his card, hand written too. I sometimes see him as he is one of our 'bin men' now. Always says hi if he sees me. More importantly if my garden bin is full and I have extra bags he always takes them.

15 Jun, 2021


Lots of pretty,colour in your garden, Eileen. Very cheering and bright.
I agree with you and the other light is early morning and later in the evening…I do love a sunset.

15 Jun, 2021


Morning is the best part of the day, I find the air is much clearer. Your Irises are lovely.
That Clematis Niobe is beautiful.

I think the way we do or say something can have a profound effect on someone, without us realising it :)
It's nice that pupil thanked you, he must have really appreciated your effort to help him.

15 Jun, 2021

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