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A little bit of tinkering.


Many of you know I have a corner that I call Atrocity corner as it was the worst/last bit to get any attention when we moved in here 25yrs ago. Over time it still gets left to the end and is for ever known as Atrocity corner. My family home has a similar bit, though my eldest brother Eddy has done a lot to it over the years but he also calls it Atrocity corner.

This year I decided that the Spanish bluebells had to go, well I know I wont have got them all out but I hope it will be easier in later years. In keeping with increasing British natives in the garden we have chosen a small hornbeam to coppice and a guelder rose [Viburnum opulus] for the flowers and berries. So Monday I settled down to the task at hand.
At the start:

There were lots of self sown G. paeum that have gone in the compost bin but I did lift and repant various Narcissus bulbs. I lifted a lovely hellebore for replanting later and one of its own seedlings.

The area with a paeony and irises haven’t been touched as that was weeded recently.

One of my female blackbirds kept me company all morning, picking up worms and other inverts that came to the surface.

Area cleared of as many bluebell bulbs as I could. Some were a very good size whilst others which must be last year’s seed are the size of a rice grain. I will have to keep my eye out in the late autumn when they start to grow.

I gave it another dig over and then started placing plants.
Hellebore nearer the wall with 3 hollyhocks grown from seed this year.
at the end:

I also planted Gladioulus ‘Halley’, Penstemon Appleblossom, G macrantha and Salvia Dyson’s Maroon.

Salvia Dyson’s Maroon.

The heavens then opened saving me having to water in.
The area looks ok this morning though I notice one of the neighbourhood cats has visited! Grrrr.

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A very satisfying job,Eileen....we have or should I say had a similar area....OH covered it in thick was covered in weeds which always returned after spraying. You have worked hard to recover the area.

23 Jun, 2021


I bet you feel very satisfied with your hard work. Good luck with getting rid of the Spanish Bluebells, they're the very devil to eradicate completely.
With regards to the neighbour's cat...try spraying with Garlic wash. It will not only deter the cat but will help to keep your new planting bug free :-))

23 Jun, 2021


planting a few bulbs of wild garlic may do the trick.

23 Jun, 2021


Good idea Paul :-)

23 Jun, 2021


"Atrocity Corner" will look much nicer after the hard work of removing the bulbs & replanting it with the Guelder Rose & other plants! 😃

23 Jun, 2021


there is wild garlic only a foot away so that bit is sorted. None of the suggested remedies deters this grey Persian that visits!

23 Jun, 2021


Why don't you try some thorny branches, like rose or blackberry? Cats usually dig a bit of a hole before relieving themselves so thorns should deter it!

23 Jun, 2021


Job well done SBG. It already looks attractive. I've noticed that you have a good soil there.

23 Jun, 2021


I've 'liked' your blog for the end result and the sheer hard work that you have put in. We have lots of Spanish Bluebells and as you say they just reappear, but hopefully you will be able to keep on top of them better. Good luck with keeping the cat out, we have a stray (we think) though it looks really well fed and we can't get rid of that. It sits patiently under the bird feeders waiting for the Mice and Voles to come out looking for dropped seed.

23 Jun, 2021


It's good to have things sorted, You've done a great job.

24 Jun, 2021


Its going to look lovely when it all gets established and hopefully you have got rid of most of the Spanish bluebells!

25 Jun, 2021


It's looking really good ,Eileen,and it all looks to be in lovely condition too.I do like the Salvia,such a pretty colour .Shame about the visiting cat, and when I had that problem,I sprinkled some 'Ol..s' oil on some used teabags, and laid them here and there,which seemed to work..I did try another remedy I had read about recently,suggesting putting Vinegar in a dish ? It did work,but then it evaporated in the hot weather,so I didn't bother to refill it.:o) Anyway,the cat hasn't been back .:o)

27 Jun, 2021


Citrus peels are said to work. Cats have very sensitive noses and hate the smell of citrus and will steer clear.

27 Jun, 2021


I left the cat calling card and so far there hasn't been any more. To be honest they don't visit that often and only when i have been digging the soil so its nice and soft.

One of my daughter's cats loves lemons and steals them from the fruit bowl, the other two not so fussed.

28 Jun, 2021


LOL that's funny!

28 Jun, 2021

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