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Mid August in East Yorkshire


Like some of you my garden is starting to look ‘backend-ish’ [a phrase I’d never heard ’til I came to Yorkshire, meaning autumn on its way].
The Rowan by the gate certainly supports that idea.

The front border that looks good in spring and early summer, now it is waiting for the asters to start.

The border under the front window is still looking good with Hemerocallis, Helenium, Rudbeckia and Phlox.

This is a dark leaved Phlox ‘Starfire’ and Helenium Sahin’s early flowerer.

This border has Crocosmia Lucifer just finished and this pretty one called C. Culzean Peach. The flower shape is different too.

The Helianthus Lemon Queen has grown too well after a severe cut back in the spring and the Anemone japonica are doing well too. I haven’t found them to be too thuggish, in fact very hard to get established. But I will continue to watch them. I have 2 in this bed, September Charm and Queen Charlotte.

September Charm

Queen Charlotte,

The last lot of rain battered Hydrangea Annabelle but the two purple Phlox look ok next to it. The paler one is lilac bi-colour but don’t have a name for the darker purple one.

I have several un-named pink ones and one white one ‘David’???

A strongly growing mid pink Phlox

An un-named white Phlox, a smaller flower than my other phlox. David rings a bell but I may well be wrong.

A bubblegum pink with a darker pink centre again I don’t have a name for it.

A soft pink flower.

A nice dark purple Phlox

The last photo is of Hemerocallis in the Longfields series, supposed to be Anwar, a deep red but clearly not. last year the flowers were very pale and I thought possibly Anwar Pearl but this year its a mid pink. Any suggestions?

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I have pink damask and pink chantilly and this one isn't it. Of course I cant find a match in the Longfield series but I know that is what it was sold as.

17 Aug, 2021


Beautiful selection of plants,Eileen...certainly no signs of Autumn....the Phlox to extend well into September.

17 Aug, 2021


A lovely late summer garden,
Your Helenium is beautiful, Does it survive the winter in the ground ? I have never had any success with them so I'm keeping my new one in a pot for now.

I also have to keep my Anemone japonica in a pot (white one and pink one) because they try to take over the garden. I've got a dwarf one in the ground but it is better behaved :)

17 Aug, 2021


An array of beautiful colours, Eileen!! Loving the gorgeous warm tones…the anemone flowers are a favourite!

17 Aug, 2021


Just beautiful range of plants SBG. Love the dark purple phlox but all the plants looks healthy and showy.

17 Aug, 2021


The range of colours in your garden SBG is wonderful to see especially on these cold, miserable days. Your Phlox are amazing especially the dark purple one, that is stunning.

17 Aug, 2021


Really colourful. My Queen Charlotte needs to be dethroned! she's taking over the place. Your Phlox are certainly the must have plants for going into Autumn, always been wary of wireworm, must give them a try.

17 Aug, 2021


Thank you for the lovely comments.
I have had no trouble with Sahin's Early flowerer Hywel, nor has my brother up in Sunderland and his is in the ground too.

Queen Charlotte is more vigorous than September charm but as usual I forgot to stake them so they are flopping over a bit.

Don't seem to have a problem with wire worms fingers crossed, Siris.

17 Aug, 2021


Looking lovely Sbg :-)

18 Aug, 2021


Enviable borders, SBG. I love the phlox and the helenium together. All lovely Autumnal colours.

18 Aug, 2021


You have some great colours among your plants, SBG! Your Phlox look very nice as well!

The only Phlox I know of grow at the back of our church in a very narrow bed up against the walls. They are usually white but this year they have changed a little & have some pink in them. They receive absolutely no care whatsoever from humans, excepting the hired gardening firm that cuts them down to the ground once a year. Even so they are very slowly spreading along the bed & in a couple of more years will have nowhere left to expand to!

18 Aug, 2021


Lovely colourful garden, thank s fit sharing.

18 Aug, 2021


Your borders look great Seaburn and I do love all the phlox! Very disappointed with mine, so maybe they don't like clay soil!

19 Aug, 2021


Your garden looks stunning Seaburn, my white Phlox has gone absolutely crazy this year but sadly the lovely mauve has only produced two blooms, pink is late and hasn't yet produced any flowers, I don't mind as it will extend my season..I love autumn flowers and your look so bright and cheerful...Lovely photo's ..

22 Aug, 2021


Borders look soo lovely such beautiful flowers and colours x

23 Aug, 2021

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