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February is one week in.

This lovely green hellebore H argutifolius is just starting to flower and it will add interest for months as the flowers age.

Noticed this fern has offshoots along the main rib of each frond.

Under the beech tree several Cyclamen coum are coming into flower. I love all cyclamen and these are such a joy.

My February garden wouldnt be complete with out snowdrops. I have several clumps through out the garden and I do love the simple common ones.

Since early December Pulmonaria rubra has been flowering its socks off. Love the pink of this blossom.

Lots of plants poking noses out of the soil, lets hope for a kind month, but I do hope it stays cool and not un-seasonally warm.

Iris Katherine’s Gold has just opened since I first posted the blog. Lots of iris flowering now.

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Good to see your garden coming in to spring, Eileen. Lots of lovely colourful cyclamen and lovely, dainty snowdrops. You've got me wanting to explore my fern plants for some offshoots!

7 Feb, 2022


How extraordinary, Eileen, for Pulmonaria to be flowering now.

7 Feb, 2022


P rubra always flowers late autumn into mid spring Meadow.

Yes I was surprised to see the fernlets Kate. I am going to leave them and see if they drop off.

Phot uploading is still problematic though, some did load others not.

7 Feb, 2022


Wow,that's worrying that a few of us have had trouble...I've left them a message...might help!

7 Feb, 2022


SBG, lovely to see your garden awakening. Spring might be just around the corner. Nuisance that some members, me included, are having pic uploading problems again. Had a period of this last year.

7 Feb, 2022


Love the shade of pink of that Pulmonaria.

7 Feb, 2022


Very cheering blog Eileen! I think I saw an H. Argutifolius this morning but I was in the bedroom and it was at the far end of the garden...Some things seem to be waking up early this year. Agree, your Pulmonaria is very early! I've never seen fern offshoots like that before - does it happen often in your garden?

7 Feb, 2022


Again, no pics. at all on the blog. that I can see this morning.

8 Feb, 2022


The pulmonaria is one that is reliably in flower early spring. so I do love it.
As to the fern I am not sure if I have noticed it before but I do know it is not uncommon with some ferns.

Oh Ange are you unable to see the pictures on other peoples blogs too?

having said that I have just checked and the pictures are missing now. They weren't earlier on.

very strange.

8 Feb, 2022


SBG - it's the same with Meadow's blog from yesterday.

8 Feb, 2022


Oh! SBG, I can't see any of this blog's pictures today. How

8 Feb, 2022


Neither can I SBG. No pictures. :-((

8 Feb, 2022


No photos for me here either today! 😞

9 Feb, 2022


I have been back into my blog and removed the photos and then re-added them.

fingers crossed they will stay here this time.

10 Feb, 2022


Well whatever you did I can at least see the lovely flowers now! 👍😃

On another blog they still don't show up even though it's now been a couple of days since I last saw it - sans photos!😞

11 Feb, 2022


It worked SBG. Spring oozes from your photos.

11 Feb, 2022


now the pictures have gone again!

15 Feb, 2022


Your photo's are showing today Seaburn, first time I've been able to see them...
Its always lovely to see spring arriving in our gardens..

24 Feb, 2022


I reloaded them today. fingers crossed they will stay.

24 Feb, 2022


For the moment at least they are visible once again! 😀👍

24 Feb, 2022

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