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Last few days of February


Today I woke to gentle rain, forecasters slightly out as they said it wouldn’t rain ‘til mid day. However the sky was an amazing pink. I am the granddaughter of a ship’s Captain [turn of the 19/20th century initially in under sail] so grew up with Red Sky at night Sailor’s delight etc. So for me it was a Sailor’s warning this morning.

It hasn’t deterred my feathered friends. The blackbird with the damaged wing, Mrs D, is in her 5th year and taps on the kitchen window if I haven’t been out with suet pellets. But she has competition for my attention.

A pheasant has been with me for over 3 weeks and she is Mrs P. Very nervous at first but she runs towards me now and waits about 2ft away for food.

Today has stayed dull and damp, such a contrast to the weekend. I potted in the greenhouse until it got too hot and tackled the couch grass in the rockery. I know I wont have got it all out but as long as I keep on top of it I should eventually win.
Rockery is full of blubs and the earliest Iris are going over and I can see Fritillary and Scilla poking their noses up.

I sorted out 6 trays of plants to take to the garden club I am talking to tomorrow night. I do enjoy doing talks, the topic of this one is ‘Bulbs for all seasons’.

The yellow crocus were fully open and a bee went investigating. I could hear it buzzing away.

The sun made the hellebores sparkle but they also lose some of their colour intensity.

I will now have to start tidying up the front garden, removing last year’s stems.

Providing it isn’t raining of course!

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I grew up and still say red sky at night, shepherds delight Seaburn, don't know of any shepherds in the family though. Change in the weather for us also, drizzled for most of the day, now its pouring down and very cold, the forecast looks bad for most of the week so unless its in the g'house my gardening has been put on hold, its looking very pretty though as more flowers are opening..
Your photo's are lovely, we have our long term feathered families, they become quite tame don't they, cheeky with it, ours come up the to the patio doors if I'm late with refreshing the feeders, they do amuse us....

28 Feb, 2022


Hope your talk goes really well tomorrow.
Is it at a garden club that you are a member of?
When I see Christine Walkden on TV I always think I would love to go to one of her gardening talks.
Wish I was able to come to yours too :-)

28 Feb, 2022


What a delightful blog,Eileen..I could have gone on and on reading it.
As Chris mentioned, would love to hear one of your garden talks.

Mrs D is amazing that she returns every year.

1 Mar, 2022


I have had to put all but one photo back in this morning.

the birds give us hours of entertainment. There is a feud between a dunnock and robin, constantly squabbling and chasing each other from the rose arch.

It is a local gardening club and I used to be a member but Covid happened and I will be their first speaker. I like Christine too, very down to Earth.

1 Mar, 2022


Nice clear photos. The hen pheasant has such beautiful plumage.

1 Mar, 2022


I hope your talk went well, its good that things are getting back to a more normal life for us despite the upsetting news, I spend ages watching the birds Seaburn, they do squabble a lot but it is entertaining...

1 Mar, 2022


I had a lovely evening with an audience of about 40 people. I sold £50 worth of plants and the proceeds of that and my speaker's fee will go towards my 2 charities a local hospice Dove House and MacMillan nurses.
Through plant sales I usually manage to donate £400-£500 every year.

2 Mar, 2022


Fantastic Eileen! I’m pleased your evening went well and was successful too. It’s really a lovely thing you do.
Your pics are extremely cheering indeed, loving your wildlife pics too - Mrs D is looking chipper and I’ll bet your happy to see her year after year!
We have a lone magpie with an injured leg, she or he has reappeared each year for the past 3…out front and on the bund hill. It does seem to just get on with things..
I do love your pretty hellebores.

2 Mar, 2022


Just checking back to see if the photo is still here, that is a yes....BTW... Well done on what was obviously a very successful evening Seaburn..x

15 Mar, 2022


Only one that came from my pictures folder. There were photos of flowers that were uploaded at the time I wrote the blog.

16 Mar, 2022

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