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A factor 50 day today.


What a glorious day today has been.

I have made a decision re the garden and youngest girl’s wedding April 2023.
I will have to do a proper end of autumn early winter clean up this year and not leave it until now.

Either the garden will not get sorted or I wont have decent finger nails for the wedding. [the only vanity thing I have.]

Today I removed 4 sycamore saplings and then pruned the Aucuba hard as it was taking over. But I made sure there were no birds nesting in there. I then started tidying the edges but the soil is a bit clay-ey here so it was very wet: leaving it for another day.

I also found a female smooth newt in the leaf litter. I popped her on the pond wall for photos and then she went into the pond. You are not meant to handle them so I put gloves on.

The conifer bed had more dead leaves removed and I spotted Erythronium dens canis Purple King is in flower.

I also spotted a big bee in the crocuses.

Need to go and have a soak in the bath to ease my tender back now.

If it is dry I ’m out on a motor bike ride with beloved.

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Well I hope you feel better after your bath, you worked hard as one does, are you like me and hate wearing gloves, I start out with all good intentions but then I find a job that has to be done with nimble fingers, the gloves come off naturally then I forget to put them back on, once again the nails suffer..
The little Erythronium is very pretty and seems happy in that position, obviously the leaves have been nurturing it well and what a marvellous find is that newt, only ever seen one here, it was in our bottom pond two years back, was hoping to see it again but no such luck..
Its been nice here for the last few days, seen a couple of butterflies,ladybirds and yes even a huge fat bee, spring is coming ...
Great to see your pics, I cannot load any but I check every day..

10 Mar, 2022


Exiting times ahead SBG. Garden looks very "springy"and you have bees already.I am still mostly cocooning and crafting inside

11 Mar, 2022


I rarely wear gloves Lincs [nettles and thistles really] I like finger and thumb coordination. Back is a little tender this morning, nothing a little exercise wont fix.

The photos are all under 1mb and have loaded straight away. When I take them off the camera they are about 6mb and then I crop them using photoshop.

Saw a tortoise shell butterfly too.

We have had the bees out on the milder days all winter Klahanie, thats one of the reasons I have left ivy to flower.

On wet days I do sewing/patchwork etc too.

11 Mar, 2022


Inspiring blog,Eileen, good feeling to garden like that.I do check the daily weather and on days that are too wet,painting is on the cards.

11 Mar, 2022


Snap, we had a little tidy up of our garden to this morning, also saw a large bee going into a daffodil, but no newt . Gloves...yes, they were on for about 15 mins. :) raining now so already back indoors, Off for a shower now, also got an aching it an age thing I wonder . :)

11 Mar, 2022


My back was aching a few days ago, between my shoulder blades and I was only sowing seeds!! I think we all need some warmth and sunshine which lasts for a few days and not just a few hours!!

I was just mentioning weddings to Sbg and now you have one to look forward to.

I think crocuses are the stars of the show at the moment along with banks of daffodils.

11 Mar, 2022


Eileen I've resized down to the minimum, tried doing it whilst still on the camera and also in various photographic apps and suchlike, I've also tried uploading ones that are already in my gallery on here, think I managed one, otherwise still no luck..
The garden does look colourful and more opening daily so I'm still taking my photo's in the hopes of adding them eventually....Oh forgot to say its pouring down so no gardening for me today...

11 Mar, 2022


You had a good "work out" in the garden Seaburn, and can see where you have been!
I am pleased you got your pictures on!
I didn't know you weren't supposed to lift newts without gloves on as I have done that in the past when we had two big ponds. If I found one, I would gently lift it up and put it on a pond plant so that it could go in the pond.
We had the first bee which actually got into the conservatory, but after leaving the door open for a while, it found its way out!

11 Mar, 2022


Great blog to read and view, Eileen! Hoping your back pain is easing?
Loving the close up pics, Tiny is a lovely creature to have in your garden! You’ve certainly been very busy getting organised out there! Be careful not to overdo it with your back.
I’ve spotted a few bees recently, being quite active. Guess the spring blooms are out in full, more for them to utilise.
It’s certainly been a very warmish couple of days...been so nice to get out in the sunshine....starting raining this afternoon 🙁

11 Mar, 2022


its to do with any chemicals/cream on our hands Rose. Amphibians use their skin as well as lungs to breathe so it is important their skin stays healthy. But if there is a risk to them handling them gently is important.

11 Mar, 2022


Thanks Seaburn!

12 Mar, 2022


The newt is a rare find indeed!

12 Mar, 2022


The newt is a little beauty. Glad you managed to get stuck in to your plot, it's looking good.

12 Mar, 2022


photos disappeared 2 days ago oh hum!

16 Mar, 2022


I 'm just checking Eileen, mine are still there but they only went on yesterday, Kates are also still showing, the weird thing is my news has updated today for the first time in weeks, doesn't make sense does it...

16 Mar, 2022


Not really but I find this site better than the others.
There sren't as many members on Garden Friends as there used to be, just like this one.

Facebook seems to be the in thing but I am not on it and don't plan to be.

16 Mar, 2022


I agree Eileen, I admit I'm struggling with the new ones but persevering just in case we do lose this one completely, I'm getting better with G'Corner but haven't fathomed out how to work G'Friends yet, I'll get there eventually, I couldn't join the one Jennh recommended, from what I was able to see I think that one held more appeal to me but it has one of those Captcha things one has to get past, I could not get that to work, neither could M'land which did make me feel less stupid, lol..
FB is not everyones cup of tea, each to his own is what I always say , however joining certainly helped me when I had no contact with Goy for a long time during the winter months years back, was feeling a bit lost in myself at the time, might be sheer coincidence but whenever I've had mega problems with goy its always been this time of the year...

16 Mar, 2022

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