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A busy 4 days


I am hoping to use photos from my picture gallery and see if they stay.
On Monday I started the winter tidy up of the borders that are in the front of the house. Depending on where the sun was I moved between the one next to the house and the other next to the pavement.
I continued at it on Tuesday but on Wednesday I had the first organised motorbike run with hubby. We bimbled around the Yorkshire Wolds ending up at a lovely café and butchers called the Pig in The Willow. The owner opened up especially for us and over 20 people turned up.

Yesterday I completed the border nearest the house.

This drive strip had its edges done by hubby but I don’t think they are very straight. last month there were I. reticulata in flower. Once the bulbs are over I will be putting in some annuals for a spot of colour in between the Ophipogon green and black forms.

The border nearest the pavement is only a third done.

This border has Saponaria in it and it is living up to its common name Bouncing Bet as it is spreading through the border.
This is what is left to do and it joins onto Atrocity corner.

I have decided to cut back all the borders in the late autumn after Elizabeth’s wedding on Halloween [ie November/December] so that it is tidy for Victoria’s wedding in April 2023. It will allow my nails and hands to become nice and soft and clean ! haha [I’ll have to wear gloves for any potting on and I don’t really like that.]

I also finally tweaked the Conifer bed and I am really happy with how it is looking.

The pond is coming to life, though to be honest it really didn’t ‘go to bed’. The fish are up and feeding and the marsh marigold is in bud and the bog bean is greening up.
On lovely days like this you get good reflections too.

I am heading off to Sunderland to see my brothers this weekend. Lets hope the sun continues to shine but my garden could do with a little bit of overnight rain. Ooh there are garden centres to look at.

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All looking pristine, SBG. Your front garden looks good and the scent must be delicious. We have a couple of tubs of hyacinths out in the sun and they smell delicious when we come out of the door. The pond is crystal clear and I expect the fish have enjoyed not having a too harsh winter.

25 Mar, 2022


I am pleased I got to see your photos Seaburn before they diappeared! Let's hope they stay!
Your garden in the front looks so neat and tidy! It puts mine to shame as it is always the last to be done and having been ill for the last week ( typically the weather has been great) have not been able to get outside!
Enjoy your weekend away!

25 Mar, 2022


It looks very impressive! The front border is amazing - you must have lots of self discipline. Good luck with the front bed - I well remember how you transformed it last year!

25 Mar, 2022


Looking great Sbg :-))

25 Mar, 2022


Good to see your pics - keeping my fingers crossed they don’t disappear…
Your front lawn is looking good, Eileen, very green and neat - even the edging!
The borders must emit an overwhelming fragrance as you walk past! I’ve some ophipogon grass in places, it’s the black mondo variety.
I do love your description of the atrocity garden - always makes me chuckle 🤭
Everything is looking well trimmed and tidied! I do hope you have a lovely weekend away and enjoy catching up with your brothers!

25 Mar, 2022


You have done a lot of hard work to get it looking so nice & neat, SBG!

Let's hope your photos continue for a long time in you blog!

25 Mar, 2022


I do like your front border, the perfume as one walks past must be divine, you've had a busy week, the weather has been encouraging us all out, quite like the sound of your day trip as well... Have a good weekend with your brothers Seaburn..

26 Mar, 2022


Thank you for your lovely comments. I weeded my brother's front and back garden in a day, and properly haha. I did gain some snowflakes and Hesperanthus for my efforts. Next year he will be digging most of it all out to revamp it with a different colour scheme. Again I will benefit.

Had a paddle in the sea too and it has been wall to wall sunshine. Though it has rained pretty much all the way home. Looking a bit dull and suspect here too now.

28 Mar, 2022


I think gaining plants for your own garden is a fair exchange, thats the way I work with my daughter, I bet the sea was cold, you're braver than I am Seaburn, its still lovely here but s'posed to change in the next couple of days, they've even predicted snow....Anything could happen this week as the Mid Lent Fair is in town, over the years they've been flooded out , snowed in, gales making it too dangerous for some rides and on occasion heatwaves.....

28 Mar, 2022


The sea was freezing but I didn't go in beyond my ankles. It was wonderful walking on the warm sand though.

29 Mar, 2022


See the photos have gone again!

29 Mar, 2022


I noticed that, I did manage to upload one onto my photo's page this morning, I do keep trying, wondering if they went on there first then it might be possible to transfer into a blog,, apart from the one it was not paying ball at all....

29 Mar, 2022


What a nuisance! At the rate things are going we will only be able to write in our blogs & not include pictures any more! 😢

29 Mar, 2022


Sbg, I enjoyed the read but disappointed the photos have gone astray.

31 Mar, 2022


They are mainly in my photos gallery.

31 Mar, 2022


Ah, at least I can see them there.

1 Apr, 2022


SBG Wednesday 6 April, your pics are back and vue able!

6 Apr, 2022


yes and I am getting notifications that I am getting messages.

6 Apr, 2022


Thats good SBG, ive just written a concise blog to check if theyve sourced some extra capacity. My old pic blogs have remained after 1 week.

6 Apr, 2022


Good to see your pictures have returned,SBG!

I've noticed that I'm also getting emails telling me someone has seen my photos or has replied to a blog once again!

7 Apr, 2022

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