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flagged several ads today


I have flagged several photos, question and blog for an escort agency. If they are still there please flag too. the more people flag the quicker they get taken down.


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Flagging them now ... 15.00 today.

21 Sep, 2022


Thanks Shirley

21 Sep, 2022


Thanks to Dave who has got rid of them for us. Just the photos to go now.

I know they are spam and some poor soul has to put them up but I do wish they wouldn't bother. What a job to have.

21 Sep, 2022


Well done Dave ... many thanks.

22 Sep, 2022


Yes I’ve done the same. Good to know Dave’s on the case.

22 Sep, 2022


Thanks Eileen, and Dave! Good to know that.

23 Sep, 2022


Thank you Eileen- always quick off the mark to flag them! Even after flagging they are often still there hours later.
Agree,it must be a miserable job putting the ads on to begin with. I always used to scan the New Members page, but there's no point these days. Don't know about you but I really miss the folk who used to be on Goy. I had a look at Gardeners Corner the other day to see what the attraction was and who as on there that I used to chat with but I couldn't follow the joining instructions - talk about brain fog, its more like brain rot...

25 Sep, 2022


Other than this site I am on Garden Friends, Hywel is there as is owdboggy, under a different name and a while back Balcony and Lincslass signed up. Balc posts regularly.

26 Sep, 2022


Thanks Eileen, I've not been on for a few days, family commitments and to be honest I've not had much to add since my last blog but it seems every time I do there are always lots of posts that need flagging more than anything else...
I just cannot seem to get the hang of those other sites, I do look in but it always seems as though I get things in the wrong place so it makes me feel stupid, its a shame and I'm not blaming anyone else, they're just not like Goy are they...

26 Sep, 2022


Yes it is quite different isn't it Lincs, I don't post as much on here either.

27 Sep, 2022


Thank you SBG and others. Hopefully if these adds disappear quickly the poster will recognize that it is a waste of time to post here.

27 Sep, 2022


it is usually people employed to add these posts to as many sites as possible and never return, they just hope it will hit a 'target' for the company.

27 Sep, 2022

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