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Getting ready for April part 2


The good news is Victoria’s wedding dress is hanging up in the spare bedroom and I have my dress too.

The garden continues to mock me and I have had to keep going back over the bits I’d already done as the mild weather has encouraged seed germination.

However I have made lots of progress in the front and side garden.

This is the narrow border down the garden side of the drive.

The border in front of the house was started and progress shown in the last blog, but it is now complete [for now].

I completed the border at the front of the garden next to the pavement. Lots of bulbs coming up and I have planted more tulips in both these borders to hopefully flower end of April. Lots of pots of bulbs to go in the large planters nearer the big day!

So what is left to do in the front garden?

Well atrocity corner is just that. Brambles and Vinca Jenny Pym has gone mad. Lots of natives [weeds], Nipplewort, Hedge woundwort and Garlic mustard that will need to be sympathetically treated as I need them for the moths and butterflies.

The other side of the drive is a weedy mess with lots of bulbs in it.

It used to have ‘hundreds’ of aquilegia but downy mildew put paid to them. This bed also has bindweed and creeping sowthistle [from next door] so I don’t enjoy weeding it. It will look better in a couple of weeks.

Between front and back garden there is a shortish [12ft ish]set of borders, one gets full sun in the summer and that has been done, whilst the shady side is waiting.

The only main bit in the back garden left to tackle is the conifer bed. Not touched it yet and it shouldn’t take too long, usually a full day if there are plenty of buttercups in there.

So far so good and it is now drizzling so nothing will get done tomorrow I suppose.

There will be a part 3 and probably a part 4 knowing how natives grow here. I hope to get it done by mid March to give my nails a chance to grow. Vanities of vanities!

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You are doing well SBG. Definitely a progress since you've started. It will look lovely for your big day in April.

22 Feb, 2023


Wow Seaburn, you have a lot of work to do yet, but I am sure it will look great in time for the wedding!

22 Feb, 2023


It looks as though you have a big garden to keep on top of. Iā€™m sure too that it will be alright on the night (wedding day).

22 Feb, 2023


You've been very productive, Eileen!!! I'll bet you have been on the go daily. It will look really lovely for wedding in April, I'm sure of it!
Good to hear the dresses are bought, safe and ready for the big day!
You should pat yourself on the back! šŸ‘

22 Feb, 2023


Glad you're all kitted out for the Big Day, and the garden will look good.

23 Feb, 2023


I still need a new jacket and hairstyle but otherwise yes all sorted.
Hubby is in the same suit as for Elizabeth's.

23 Feb, 2023


Men have it so much easier!!

23 Feb, 2023


My, you've been very busy getting those beds weeded! Hope your nails grow well for the big day (you can always wear white gloves if not) Those Snowdrops & Cyclamen go very well together!

23 Feb, 2023


You have been working very hard to get the garden looking good. I expect you'll have fun buying some new clothes and getting a new hair-do for the wedding. Hope you all have a really special day together in April.

24 Feb, 2023


You are certainly doing well Seaburn, its good that things are growing although must be so frustrating for you having to redo the borders, as you say it will be alright on the day....

24 Feb, 2023


Sbg what a very exciting time lies ahead of you and what with choosing clothes, sorting out hair-does and growing your nails I am so impressed that so much gardening has been done as well!!

Hope everything goes well for you from now on.

25 Feb, 2023


Talk about wonder woman you`ve really made a good start on getting the garden tip top it will be a credit to you come the big day. Good luck with the hair do, and nails hope all goes well.

26 Feb, 2023


got my jacket yesterday to go with my dress. So one less thing to do.

Hubby has cut the grass today and it looks much better.

26 Feb, 2023


The plants in the borders will appreciating the spaces you have made for them to develop and by April make you proud.

5 Mar, 2023

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