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Getting ready for April part 3.


The wedding preps are all sorted [I hope] and I am just slowly getting the garden sorted.

The bed by the drive has finally got my attention and this weekend I have spent 10 hours weeding.

I have filled my brown bin and one of the green sacks we got from the council.

My back is a little sore but I needed to get down to it before we get the snow. Lets hope the forecasters are wrong like they are when they promise us warmth and sunshine.

The drive before starting

After 4hrs yesterday.

After 3 hours today

After 5hrs

After 6 hours.

Decided to leave it there so I could prepare Sunday lunch. [Eaten at 5pm so not really lunch haha]

This is what remains and I reckon approximately another 10 – 15 hrs as there are lots of weeds in among shrubs.

By the gate is a strip of Berginia cordifolia now in full flower.

Last week Narcissus ‘February Gold’ started to open but really by the end of this week they are in full flower.

This is a large clump of Libertia grandifolia that has grown up out of the soil so I lifted it cut the dead base out and replanted the strong stems with roots. I also found several self sown seedlings which I have potted up.

I also lifted and moved self-sown foxgloves to the other side of the garden, where it is more suitable.

There will be a part five but I hope not a part 6!

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nice work . I have loads of foxgloves love them . Look forward to seeing how it comes along

5 Mar, 2023


Looks like you’ve had a lot of hard work getting back on top of every thing. Your Bergenias are lovely.

6 Mar, 2023


Whatever do you do in your spare time Eileen???

6 Mar, 2023


Yes still plenty to go at and hopefully out today as sun is shining.

Stera I sew, make quilts, knit, read, cook, take care of the house. Most of the things us women were trained to do. Actually I fib, housework is way down the list of things to do. If we know we have visitors coming then I make the effort. if surprise visitors doors into untidy places are closed, cushions plumped etc. then wing it haha.

7 Mar, 2023


You forgot about also posting blogs and photo's Eileen,but I guess that's classed as pleasure Lol.I'm tired just looking at all the things you do ..What a difference you have made in your,border,so well done,and hope the snow hasn't reached you yet..
A lovely sunny but cold day here,but as yet,I have no inclination to do anything outdoors,so let's see what nature throws at us over the rest of the week..
I'm quite good at winging it too..ha ha. x

7 Mar, 2023


cold but sunny so far and another 5hrs of weeding. Then it just got too cold as I was now in the shade. No snow yet but -1C in the greenhouse this morning.

Had several birds keeping me company, 2 robins and a male & female blackbird. Hubby kept me supplied with coffee as he wasn't able to get on with his bike renovation.

7 Mar, 2023


You have worked so hard Seaburn and it must make you feel good when you see how much you have done!
I imagine after the wedding you will need a well earned rest!

7 Mar, 2023


It does make me feel happy and every year I promise my self I will keep on top of the weeds, but good weather means we go out on the motorbike. Poor weather days means no riding but also no gardening.

7 Mar, 2023


The garden has spent all morning under 1 1/2" of snow, so no gardening for the next day or so and it is Victoria's hen do in Nottingham at the weekend.

8 Mar, 2023


You’ve certainly put the work in! Will be all worth it in the end… well done.

10 Mar, 2023


It's quite common do put up before & after photos of something you've done in the garden, (in my case, the allotment, when I had one!), but practically nobody shows photos of what they have done on an almost hourly basis! Well done you! 😃

10 Mar, 2023


tends to be after a session, morning etc. but I like a record of 'progress' when I get disheartened.

daughter's hen do today so no gardening nor computer stuff. off to Nottingham with her sister to meet up with her uni friends.

11 Mar, 2023

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