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No rain today


First Sunday in August and the sun shone.
I decided to do some light pottering and pond maintenance.
The removal of a dustbin full of myrriophylum allowed the fish to gain access to more surface for feeding.

I trimmed the grass edges of the borders, quite a relaxing task and one I find quite soothing. I then cleaned out the bunnies, children are meant too but I enjoy doing it once in a while. They always seem pleased to see me, grunting and snorting as they run around the hutches. [Rabbits not children :o) ]

I then did the boring, mundane job of sweeping up the leaves, sawdust , spent flowers etc and to my delight I found ‘my prince’.

The frog hopped into the fuchsia to hide from the sweeping brush.It came from my father-in-law’s garden when he died is now in flower. I think it is Alice Hoffman; unless anyone else can shed light on it.

After all of that gentle gardening I decided to take a photo of the front flower bed from the usual spot. So many plants have now gone over whilst autumn is slowly turning her hand to the garden.

I absolutely love these lilies the true Tiger lily, Lilium lancifloium, formerly L. tigrinum. The little black bulbils drop off and grow into new plants that in about 3 yrs from now will flower in their own right.

Well the sun was still shining and after a quick tea, I tidied up the empty plant trays and pots that had been scattered in different places around the garden. It certainly is tidier than it was this morning but hubby still thinks there are too many plants waiting to go into the ground.

But that will have to wait for another day and another task.
There are two areas waiting for an overhaul now.

Of course the dandelions keep popping up all over the place. I hadnt noticed them until I looked at this photo of Persicaria and Nigella.

Hope to go to a garden centre at Reighton tomorrow and spend a few pennies that I saved during all those rainy days :o)

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I liked reading this !
I had a similar day doing similar things :))

Do you have anything in mind to buy tomorrow at the GC ?

2 Aug, 2009


no not really but I am going with another GoYer and she is looking forward to it as it will be her first visit.
I am looking for anything unusual that will go in the shady parts of the garden. And i have a lot of those places.

2 Aug, 2009


Enjoy it :))

2 Aug, 2009


Looking forward to it?? I'm so excited I won't be able to sleep tonight!
I want some heleniums and lots of shade lovers to fill up my bed in the orchard and some things for my hot border to replace all the verbascum I've pulled up - maybe some crocosmia?
And I'm sure I'll have lots of impulse buys.
I can't wait!!

2 Aug, 2009


Cracking pics SBG, escpecially the frog! I managed to persuade Ali to go to the garden centre today, in between her shifts - first day back after her illness and she in bed now, love her!

Of course, it was to get bark and stones for the pond area but she found me looking in the plants section....I only bought 2...well, 1 actually, she picked up the other one!

It's fatal if we go but I'm loving every minute of this gardening lark!

Sounds like you had a busy but productive day. Well done!

2 Aug, 2009


Nice blog! Funny, my princes all seem to end up looking like that one to me!!! Wrong way round, somehow! Lovely pics, SBG, the fuschia is beautiful!

2 Aug, 2009


seaburngirl..enjoy Reighton tomorrow ! Sure to pick up a few bargains for the garden ! Would join you but work calls all week am afraid !

2 Aug, 2009


oh thats a pity we wont be able to meet up bb.
You had better get an early night Hibrazilmac, there is lots of walking up and down the rows.

2 Aug, 2009


Great blog Sbg and lovely photo`s, you have some very healthy looking fish,enjoy your trip to Reighton and dont spend too much,lol.........

2 Aug, 2009


You were busy, Sbg - it's a case of doing lots whenever it's a dry day, isn't it! I'm so glad you ARE going to the GC after all - I know someone who is VERY happy about that!

Have a good day... enjoy! :-)

3 Aug, 2009


Your fuchsia looks like Swingtime (?). So many are very simmilar, but it isn't Alice Hoffman.

3 Aug, 2009

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