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phishing scam


just a quickie to let you know I recieved an e-mail from HM inland revenue. It claimed they had taken too much tax and I was due for a £280 refund.
Before I filled in any of the e-forms I rang my local tax office and yes…. it is a scam. They always write to you and include a cheque or pay it direct into your account via your payroll section.

But for the unsuspecting it does look very official and asks for your Nat Ins number and bank account details to refund you. Both excellent info for the thieving people out there.
It even had the cheek to say there were no incoming viruses with the e-mail.

Needless to say it has been reported to the tax offices and reported as a phising scam.

Need a little sunshine now so i can get out into the garden.

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i had one of them last week Seaburngirl. but i guessed it was a scam.i had one off the bank last year that i was suspicious of. i phoned the bank and the advice they gave me was this.
if your bank or the tax office contact you they know your name. so the email will never be addresed to dear customer it will always have your name on it, and your account number. also they will never ask for your details as they already know them...
. it looked so official but as it was addresed to dear customer .....i knew it was a scam.

26 Aug, 2009


And another thing if you don't bank online how can an online bank have your details. Never give out any personal information via e-mail it is almost always a phishing scam.
Anyway if you want a bit of a laugh go have a look at my last blog it's just the job to cheer you up.

26 Aug, 2009


SIGH....we keep getting these awful e-mails. I just delete them! Grrrr...

26 Aug, 2009


I'm really careful what I open now, especially since I nearly killed my pc with a virus that got in through opening an email!

26 Aug, 2009


You know the more I read the more I m glad I have never trusted this payment by numbers to people I dont know.

With 6 billion people in the world you really happy to type in credit card details ..ok call me paranoid but then I ve not met them all ..

27 Aug, 2009


the scary bit of this was it did use my name but no other details.

but i have always had a certain level of mis trust. and sadly my tax code is correct so i couldnt see how they owed me money.

27 Aug, 2009


Yes if the b*****s had owed you £280 they'd have tried to hold on to it as long as possible!
Did you enjoy your holiday?

27 Aug, 2009


ooh Ive seen this one too read it very carefully and got quite excited till I realised
Ha ha I havent bloomin worked!!

so mean

well done for checking though

x x x

27 Aug, 2009


My tax office already know why i wont pay em anything therefor they have nothing to refund, lol !

27 Aug, 2009


Sorry about the nasty email, would have been nice if it was from tax office though

27 Aug, 2009


thanx sea.. good info, i would do as you did, dont trust anyone that asks for details,

27 Aug, 2009


thanks for the info Sbg , never had these e-mails but it worries me I wouldnt spot em

27 Aug, 2009


Its easy to figure them out work on this principle;

has this govt or any of its bloodsucking agencies or your bank/financial institution EVER voluntarily offered to give you money back, that you havent had to claim for first ?
Simples it doesn't happen in the real world just your imagination, so treat them all with the contempt they deserve, if they did owe you money then it would take a good deal of coaxing on your behalf for them to admit it let alone pay you back!

but seeing as I like you.. did you know you can claim every penny youve paid in tax since Edward Heath was prime minister back...yes all of it!
send £100 for administration costs to Indy, c/o cayman islands bank account number 23342564751 and I will send you full details when your cheque /bankers order has cleared!

27 Aug, 2009


I cant Indy I have sent all me money to that nice Nigerian Lottery guy who says I have won a zillion spondulicks , when he sends me the cheque I will join your caymen Island thingy seems almost too good to be true.

27 Aug, 2009


Its O.K. I am that Nigerian bloke and have it already thank you, just save up some more and send it for the tax idea when you can K (bless)
P.S. your cheque is in the post (somewhere in the hinterlands of Nigeria) we have proof of posting. No second claims allowed.

27 Aug, 2009


Yes...thanks Sea for the office never give me owt back!

27 Aug, 2009


Nothing changes, if you've money in you're pocket you need to keep your hand on it as there's always someone after it. The otheer day I was stopped in the Mal by two blokes selling Talk Talk. I played along for a while until they asked for my pin. When I said I'd have to get it from the bank they said "that's ok, I'll come with you" They're still waiting for me to return from the bank. I checked with Car phone warehouse and apparently they were genuine. I remain with BT.

18 Nov, 2009


WHAT a cheek, Heron! Unbelievable!

18 Nov, 2009


We went along to one of those time-share know the strings, no hard sell, free gift at the end whether you sign up or no...well what b***s!!
After 2 hours of extremely hard sell & eventual sob story by the salesman we were still asking 'yes but how much??' when having been quoted £10,000 up front to which we replied 'no chance' we were immediately offered a private loan with 15% interest to pay for it!!

When we held out & said a definite 'no' we were dismissed, ignored & handed a £10 Argos voucher as they showed us the door! :o(

But then we had a nice afternoon in Exeter! :o)

18 Nov, 2009


I read the beginning, and expected it to be in Tenerife or one of the Costas! But Exeter??? Good gracious!

18 Nov, 2009


Hey hey Exeter's good enough for me Spritz!!

The time share ( actually it was a points system) was in all sorts of swapped them every year if you wanted was a nice idea...just that they were so horrid when we said 'no thanks'!

18 Nov, 2009

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