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the last week in my garden


Last Saturday I woke up to a beautiful day. I set up my stall for the village garden-mart and after 3hrs I had sold at least half of my plants. That meant £40 could be given to the local hospice.

Once back home I wandered around the garden with my camera and thought I’d share some plants with you. My asters are coming on a treat.

10 days before I planted some Steinbergia lutea and guess what its in flower already.

as i wandered around I noticed that the physostegia had set seed and the i was amazed at how good they looked. i normally chop them down but I have not had the time this month.

Wednesday I noticed this little grouping and thought it looked pretty.

Then yesterday I noticed this growing through the mesh of the fruit cage. I grew them 2 years ago and they must have lain dormant last year but they are gorgeous. Couldnt resist a close up.

lastly, as i am sure you will have had enough by now is my Rose ‘silver anniversary’, it is such a lovely shape and has a gentle fragrance too.

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Good day on the stall then Seaburn...& that rose is beoootiful. Gonna get me some asters next year.

2 Oct, 2009


Well done you! Great pics & good selling!

2 Oct, 2009


glad your stall did well sea... and garden pics look good to,

2 Oct, 2009


Thats a tidy sum and they will be grateful,well done with both the growing and selling. Its still looking good in your garden as well.........

2 Oct, 2009


A good result from your sale. I love asters and have a couple of new ones this year. Still lots of colour interest in your garden....

3 Oct, 2009


Your stall looks packed and very tempting. Glad you did so well and for such a good cause too. Your plants still growing in the garden look great too, lots of lovely colour.

3 Oct, 2009


Your stall did so well, love Asters and at this time of year most welcome.

3 Oct, 2009


Well done, Sbg! Good result there. I bet you were pleased!

3 Oct, 2009


Lots of colour in your garden SeaB.
Are your asters perennials. My mum gave me a couple of plants and they are in flower now like yours but she calls them Michaelmas daisies not asters, was wondering if they are the same plant.

3 Oct, 2009


Congrats SBG, Flowers and plants are a winner every time at sales, especially for charity and if you grew them as well then it's double the good feelings knowing that people are buying Your hard work.
PS. We had a special postal delivery today! ! !
Thank you very much, Holly is over the moon but a little disapointed that she couldn't plant them now!

3 Oct, 2009


yes it was a good day and the village hall gained £10 too. so everyone happy.
glad that holly is happy. she could sow a few of the nigella seeds now after all the plant is selfsowing all over now. let her have a few i can send you a lot more if you need them ian.
the asters are perennial and they are also called michaelmas daisies as they flower at 'michaelmas'. the annual asters are all but over.
i am delighted with the second flushes of so many plants.

3 Oct, 2009


Thanks Seaburn for your explanation of the asters. Well done on your fund-raising.

3 Oct, 2009


Thanks SBG, I'll let her put a few down tomorrow then. The only trouble is she wants me to dig her a whole new bed, the space she pointed out for me is about 30 ft long and continues from the last bed we dug alongside the path to the front door and beyond! ! !

3 Oct, 2009


get her to pop them in a biggish pot, they transplant ok. it will save your back and she will be able to spot their leaves easier. That would be my advice in this situation. they can go out doors straight away.

3 Oct, 2009


Oh what a relief, thanks a bundle, she does like potting.

3 Oct, 2009


wohoo shes back
have missed you SBG
great blog, you did really well for the Hospice, well done hunny
that rose really is fantastic and you captured it really well.
Am going to start selling mine for charity (BCC) this year I sowed so so many I love it but then am stuck with where to put everything, so will now have a brilliant reason to spend plenty more hours tucked up on my own in the greenhouse

x x x

5 Oct, 2009


hi mookins
i havent really been away just less time to comment on everything. work is very busy and both my girls have started new phases of their schooling so i have been busy on homework duties.
i do find growing and donating to the local hospice a good way of combining hobby and giving. The rose was a joint silver wedding present to ourselves. i have very few roses as they have to have special meanings for me to want to grow them.
this weekend was mainly housework, washing ironing etc. didnt get in the garden for any real quality time. just hoping for rain.

5 Oct, 2009

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