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Still an Atrocity but less so.


This mature area of the garden has been ravaged by honey fungus seeing the end of 2 Silver birch, 2 lilac, laurel and an ornamental cherry.

I have been waiting for hubby to get the chain saw out, which he has now done. Though I havent got the stumps out as the roots are too entangled with the Yew and Apple tree.

Let battle commence.

6 hours later I have cleared a good area, lots of ivy, brambles, Kerria and holly seedlings in the bags for recycling.

Then the rain stopped me getting out for a few days. Today I got back out there and worked steadily for 5 hours with a short stop for a cheese toastie and a coffee, kindly made by the 12 yr old daughter.

The dead looking clumps are Geranium phaeum with couch grass running through, lots of spanish bluebells poking up, colchicum foliage and in the far corner lots of wild garlic. So I removed lots of garlic as it is self seeding every where and I filled several bags with ivy, brambles, Kerria suckers,ash seedlings grass and other weeds.

Naturally I had company all day. Both the male and female were out together collecting worms and grubs. Even managed to get one taking vine weevil grubs from my hand. Wouldnt take the worms from my hand, obviously not worth the risk!

At 3pm I decided to take the 10 bags of collected garden rubbish to the tip, then back in the border for another hour or two. Time for tea Victoria yelled at 5.45 so I reluctantly packed away the tools.

I also re found a few Telima grandiflora and what I think might be an Astrantia. This little plant is an Anemone nemerosa with an all green flower. I thought I had weeded this out by mistake 3 years ago. Clearly not.

Noticed this primula doing its thing today in the bed in front of the lounge window..

This is what it looks like now. Still a third or so to go, but looking better already.

This is taken from the same spot as the first photo.

Now I need a bath and a pair of tweezers to get the fine thorns out of my fingers and thumb.

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You deserve a medal for all those hours spent in the garden ... it looks so different in the final photo ... well done. Gardening gloves should be on ... I ended up having a Tetanus 'jab' last year from a gardening incident ... always wear gloves now even though it's a bit alien to me ... I like the feel of soil/plants but have to be sensilble. There, you've been reprimanded ... lol

6 Apr, 2010


What a difference a day makes! The bed has a lovely shape.

6 Apr, 2010


Oh Seaburn you`ve done an heroic job, I would have been in bits to lose all those lovely trees. But you have done a great job and I must say that area is looking good. Nice to see your little feathered friend they brighten the day don`t they.

6 Apr, 2010


I was wearing gloves ! [for the most part] especially as there were lots of holly leaves and brambles. It was the dead brambles that did it.

6 Apr, 2010


I have started planning what I am going to do with it when i have left it to sit for a fortnight and got any new seedlings out.

6 Apr, 2010


My goodness - you did such a lot! Keep us posted when you decide what's going in, won't you. :-))

6 Apr, 2010


I have to find a place or 2 for trilliums :o)
How are yours doing? I have 3 that are showing above ground.

6 Apr, 2010


I agree you deserve a medal for all that effort. Have you treated the soil to get rid of the Honey fungus?

6 Apr, 2010


Well done for all your hard work Sbg...vine weevil grubs from your hand ? Lovely !!

6 Apr, 2010


I've got 4 up, I think, Sbg.

6 Apr, 2010


You've done a lot of clearing. It looks much better now.

7 Apr, 2010


What an amazing transformation.!! Well done you !!

7 Apr, 2010


wow! looks great. hope the girls ran a nice warm bath for you.

7 Apr, 2010


Enjoyed a day out today to give my aching limbs a rest. As for treating it heron, after discussions with the RHS I decided to plant resistant species instead of getting rid of all the soil. The species of HF I have is one that finishes off old or diseased wood, rather than an active infector. I gather there are about 7 different ones.

7 Apr, 2010


Gosh I thought there was only the one, I guess you're lucky.

7 Apr, 2010


i have a cercis to plant and it may go in this area but it is in a big pot on the back path.

i am planning and plotting and doing a lot of research into what I can grow in this realtively shady site.

7 Apr, 2010


You have been very busy! I have PM you!!

8 Apr, 2010


got it finnished today. :o))))

will do another blog soon. Have yet to decide what I am going to plant.

9 Apr, 2010


Like Heron I didn't know there was more than one kind of HF! Nevertheless you have done a great job of reclaiming that area.

I can sympathise with you as I've spent a few days down at the allotment this week & I end up with more aching muscles than I knew I had! Having to be so careful not to make my back worse means that digging over a fairly small plot needed many more hours work than it would have taken a healthy person. Especially as I had to do it on my hands & knees - no kidding! Trying to do it while standing up just produced the most atrocious pain in my lower back. It had to be done as there were no end of perennial weeds with deep tap roots like Dandelions.

Well it's done any way!

10 Apr, 2010

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