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Did many of you watch the return of love your garden last night?

To me it should have been called …..Love your artifical instant garden.

I feel quite sorry for titchmarsh been made to dumb himself down for these groundforce programs, i really enjoyed his show last year which was full of actual PLANTS, whereas i hate this instant garden format.

And im sorry but they made young landscape gardeners look thick lol, im 23 and i know (not everything) but quite abit of horticulture info and they just made everything basic and once again instant.

And then gardeners world . there is less and less “Gardening” each week.

I love carol but sorry how many times do we need to know how to sow seeds and put a plant in the ground.

Monty is a great presenter but there aren’t many of us who can garden on his scale and its always on his scale.

Sorry for my little rant lol but i much prefer beechgrove gardens on iplayer than getting excited about my friday night gardening, although beechgroves presenters drive me mad lol.

Rant Over! Thanks for reading if you got this far lol:D

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I agree completely, I was so disappointed to see that is has now lost its way and turned into another gardening SOS, I have never heard of Beechgrove Gardens what is that?

27 Jun, 2012


Beechgrove is a hands on actual gardening programme full of info, although its on bbc scotland you can watch it on bbc iplayer on fridays because its shown on a thursday.

They show every part of gardening, mainly veg though, and they have a factsheet after every show on their website.

27 Jun, 2012


Very busy at the moment so I did forget all about it, plus I have to record all the tennis for my daughter so she can watch it when home from work, what with that and the footie, I`m glad the weather is good this week as I can be in my garden, lol, I take it I don`t need to bother looking on i-player,then....
I do agree with you about GW as well....

27 Jun, 2012


I too agree....also re the presenters of beechgrove. They can get on my wick sometimes. 2 of the presenters have their own nurseries/garden centres within 10 minutes drive from where I live. It's strange to go shopping and seeing them working away!
I Had sky+ Love your garden and was so looking forward to watching it when I came home from work. I switched it off after realising it was turning into groundforce!

27 Jun, 2012


Phew. A few agreements lol

27 Jun, 2012


I must admit I was not to keen, as other's have said it was a bit to instant for me.

27 Jun, 2012


I regret the whole turn to 'designer' gardens rather than attention to the actual plants - which have now become mere 'chorus lines' to the 'star turns' of decking, seating, lighting etc. If Britain had such a wonderful climate that living in the garden was an option, then I would embrace the design aspect - but it hasn't! It's wet and cold and garden furniture rots! Where's Percy Thrower when you need him?!

28 Jun, 2012


i felt so sorry for AT when he was presented with plastic grass. He is such a passionate gardener, i love GW when he presented it. even persuaded me to grow alliums.

28 Jun, 2012


When I saw this prog, i too thought 'who can I complain to' ?
Wasnt it awful, i did feel for the poor lady, but please we have been here and done and got the T shirt, havent we? It is very old hat and totally boring and plastic as you so rightly say.
I love AT. and his books are good to read on holiday, but this prog. is so demeaning for him.
Think a letter to the TV co. wouldnt do amiss!

28 Jun, 2012


Why is he doing it do you think?

I find the only gardening programme I have time for is GQT on radio4....I listen again on the iplayer when I do the ironing....

28 Jun, 2012


Maybe he needs the spondoolies Pam!! Not!

28 Jun, 2012


If he does I wonder what he spends it on....with books and chat shows......!

28 Jun, 2012


I was joking lol, he can't need the cash surely.

28 Jun, 2012


Could you imagaine been AT though....walk into a garden centre and he must just have an infinite tab that he never has to pay...perks or what!

28 Jun, 2012


True......Sense, its not fair is it!

28 Jun, 2012


Ah, so glad to hear of others that disliked the new format of this show. Why change it at all & why into Groundforce?
I was ranting away about it to my mum today, when I'd finished she said "I take it you wont be watching anymore" Lol.
Its so annoying, we hardly get any gardening programmes (then they are stopped for sport!) & then they twist what were good programmes into C__P!

28 Jun, 2012


Buying bamboo and putting in decking and astroturf does not make a Japanese garden!!! It looked like an urban garden with the usual decking and table that will be used a handful of times a year before and a slightly tidier urban garden with decking afterwards.

I do not mind Monty and GW. I get bored when they spend too much time visiting peoples gardens that have 1000 varieties of 1 plant. That is boring and it is more interesting to see others gardens with a variety of things, so you get ideas. I do get jealous of the loamy soil that all the presenters seem to have.

28 Jun, 2012


Oh, you've said it Kildermorie! I'd LOVE one of those 'plunge your hands in the soil TV gardeners' to come here and see the stones, rocks and boulders that WE have to deal with. We've been attacking the earth for 6 years and we STILL have barrowfulls of stones to get rid of just by digging a 2m square patch! What with that and the meadow sloping down to our garden that sends tens of thousands of grass and wildglower seeds our way - I often wonder that we manage at all but we do love it! :o) I'd love to arrange a 'secret makeover' and have a team turn up here - just to see their faces!

29 Jun, 2012


I've noticed there's a plague of similar programs you deserve this house...they may as well have called it you deserve this garden...well gardeners deserve better. The format of Love your Garden 1 was much better. It wasn't perfect, but I did look forward to the new series. This is just groundforce in a different guise. Very disappointed, don't know if I'll bother to watch the next one. Maybe take a peek in case it improves...don't expect it will though:-(

1 Jul, 2012


The problem is that there are not enough good gardening programmes on TV! All they need is lovely gardens, an informed presenter with dolcet tones and some basic landscape and plant how to's. Simples.

1 Jul, 2012


Yes Kilder, and maybe a slot showing new plants, what conditions they like and what they add to the garden..length of flowering etc. Maybe showing how the owners achieved a certain effect...plant combinations in situ...I could go on...oh I just did:-)

1 Jul, 2012

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