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Well isn't this fun (not)


Snowed in can’t get out the drive! Husband tried to get out this morning got the car out of the drive to find it was now stuck!! Told him not to try but did he listen noooooooo! lol

The garden is a winter wonderland

Rocky loves it!! he nearly disappeared this morning its so deep!

This is the bird bath before i cleaned it out!! Don’t forget fresh water when feeding the birds :)
I hope you are all snug and warm and have enough supplies to last you out. Take care everybody!! See you when it thaws!

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Take care hun! I feel quite cheated we have not seen any yet! ......... go on you can throw a snow ball at me :0)

1 Dec, 2010


My goodness, you've got a pile of the white stuff there, SK. I know it's tempting to want to get mobile in the car...hope hubby got the car "unstuck" and safely tucked away in your drive again!

We're fortunate here as we've only got one or two inches and our roads are clear. Hope things ease up for your neck of the woods soon.

2 Dec, 2010


last year I and a few of the older residents cleared most of the road, whilst the young men drove out. This year the young men in the cul-de-sac dug two ruts from one end of the road to the other. Brilliant unless you have to travel 'across' them to get into /out of the drive. The girls dug the full width of our section yesterday. OH used the car yesterday but has gone on his mountain bike today.
the village is pretty much snowed in.

ore forecast too.

2 Dec, 2010


Lovely pictures SK its the same here , but had enough now we have had no buses for 2 days and no way can we get out with the car either so pretty much stationary!

2 Dec, 2010


Me and my big mouth! Woke up to 6 inches of the white stuff, that will teach me to keep quiet!

2 Dec, 2010


The snow is that deep here yet, only 2/3 inches but more on the way! Keep warm and safe. P.S You should no that men always think they know best! lol

2 Dec, 2010


not tooo bad here more icy than snow ... bt 2 inch here as well yuk

2 Dec, 2010


lol Sueb, it was that snowball i threw at you!!! It's extremely cold here this morning, absolutely freezing! Roads very icy, even walking to the garage is dicey, have had enough of snow now thanks. Just going out (very carefully) to top up the bird feeder. Stay warm

3 Dec, 2010


Hi Sewingkilla
I thought we had it bad but yours ain't good!
Hope it disappeared when the rain came. The last few days has seen a fine peppering of snow here but nothing like the previous amount. Terribly cold though and we had a power cut this morning at uppee uppee time! The teasmade had come on and done its stuff just before the lights and everything else went out. Took ages adjusting all the clocks, restarting the appliances, resetting the time etc.,
All the best

19 Dec, 2010


Had a light covering over weekend but not too bad, very very cold though!! hope you are now snug and warm and on the right time lol!!!

19 Dec, 2010

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