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Do you like where you live?


Looking at Hywels recent photos of the beautiful place he lives in made me wonder do you like where you live?

I live in industrial Scunthorpe in North Lincolnshire have lived here all my life (although we did live in Zambia for 4 years after we married), its a steeltown in fact if it wasn’t for the iron ore round here it wouldn’t exist! Things have improved over the years of course and its now not as smelly or ugly as it was, the company have landscaped the grounds around it with grass and trees, and Scunthorpe council do a lovely job with the gardens round here in fact Scunthorpe is known as the ‘Industrial garden town’, its on the signs on the way in.

It may be industrial but you don’t have to go far out of town to get into lovely countryside, the Lincolnshire Wolds are especially picturesque.

All in all i like where i live, maybe because i have always lived here and its just home… do you like where you live?

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I live in the beautiful Test Valley in the small market town of Romsey. It’s nestled on the edge of the New Forest and is a lovely place to live. Lots of open space and old historic buildings. Also Broadlands home to the late Earl Mountbatten.

15 Mar, 2011


Oh absolutely Sk, I love my town, its very picturesque, full of olde worlde buildings and churches, our sign reads " Stay Awhile Amidst Its Ancient Charms ". Turn left at the bottom of my road and its only a mile to beautiful Rutland, as locals we do grumble at the lack of shops in our town but I for one would be devastated if I had to lose our old buildings to make way for a shopping mall or suchlike.. You are so right about the Wolds they are really lovely.......

15 Mar, 2011


I live in Bracknell, Berkshire. Anyone who doesn't live in the town thinks it's full of concrete but it's actually very green because it was planned and redeveloped after WWII. The borough is called Bracknell Forest which gives you a clue. The town centre is a bit 1960s concrete and we are supposed to be getting a new one but we're not holding our breath over that. As my friend says, we're close enough to London to get there but far enough away that it doesn't affect us. So yes, I like where I live

15 Mar, 2011


I have passed Scunthorpe many times,Sk,on the way to lincolnshire and other places,with being close to the M62,but never visited.Many places get a bad name, does my home town of Huddersfield,with our Industrial past,but like you,we have the most wonderful scenery and countryside around us,and I wouldn't move anywhere else.My roots are here,although I lived in the beautiful Lake District for many years,a wonderful childhood there.
But this is home.and I love it ..

15 Mar, 2011


I love where I live in the Rother Valley in East Sussex, beautiful countryside very quiet and green. We are lucky not to have motorways or big railways to carve it up.
I know Lincolnshire and although it has a flatness and was thought a poor county a lot of it is lovely and Lincoln itself is now a much improved city when I visited in the summer of 2009 I thought it had improved much as a place to live.

15 Mar, 2011


We live on a very busy main road (due to living above our newsagent's shop....we are retired now and lease the shop out). This is one of the main reasons I am so looking forward to getting our back garden sorted so we will have somewhere nice to relax. We are located near the town of Prescot in Merseyside.

There is lovely countryside within a 10 minute (or less) journey and plenty of other countryside accessible for days out....into North Wales, Lancashire, Lake District, Derbyshire so we are fortunate.

I emigrated to the UK in 1983 with my hubby and 2 young children, from Vancouver, B.C., Canada. I do, if I'm honest, miss the small island where I spent most of my childhood and if I had the means I would very much enjoy living there again in retirement.

Ideally I would prefer a much less built-up area to live but it seems we will remain here in our good-sized flat .
I like most parts of the UK that I have visited so I'm not regretting moving here....and 4 grandchildren later I wouldn't want to leave them behind across the big wide ocean! :) ...our son has returned to Ontario though and I do miss him.

15 Mar, 2011



I live in the small village of Chelveston in Northamptonshire and it is so peaceful here. We have been here for nearly 22 years, having moved from a small town locally.

We only have about 5 streets and a pub - no shop or anything.

The countryside round here is very typical of Northamptonshire and we have a lot of wildlife come into our garden.

The main drawback is that there is no where for children to play, i.e. no park etc but it feels a very "safe" village.

I wouldn't want to move again unless I really had to.

15 Mar, 2011


I 'sort of' like where I live but there are nicer places.
I grew up in a village (7 miles from here) with a small steel works - but the country side was all around - cows grazing in fields right next to the works lol, and surrounded by beautiful hills the same as this place where I live now.

Actually the place I live now is rather drab. It's an old coal mining village and it's a bit dreary.
But I have a nice view from the garden and I have nice neighbours :)

16 Mar, 2011


I like living in Wuppertal. I have lived here since 1971...after moving from Rutland.The town has a population of about 300.000 inhabitants.It has a nice shopping center etc. We live on the outskirts of town so we don´t have far to get into the coutryside. The motorways are about 3 miles from here so we are in Holland and Belgium in about an hour...btw I love Holland, the people are more relaxed than in Germany, maybe it has something to do with the stuff they smoke..hihi. So yes I like living here. I wouldn´t want to live in a bigger town like Düsseldorf or Cologne.

16 Mar, 2011


I live in Paradise! We holidayed here in Cantabria for the first time 12 years ago and returned two or three times every year to walk and climb in the Picos de Europa mountain range and absolutely fell in love with the region. With a lot of hard work, careful planning, a good architect and magnificent builders we moved from Essex and now live in a lovely casa in our favourite village 700 mts. up a mountain and are surrounded by stunning views, domestic and wild animals, fantastic birds of prey, amazing wild flowers and wonderful neighbours who share with us their bounty of apples, pears, peaches, beans, tomatoes, peppers, eggs, chorizo, goats' cheese, lamb, wild boar and turkey. In return I make cakes for them every weekend. As I said - Paradise - and I couldn't imagine ever living anywhere else. :o)

16 Mar, 2011


I live in Newcastle on a council house estate,there is a main road at the front, but as it is tree lined it look's nice for part of the year.The back garden is a lovely green space ( my green space ) I can sit in my favourite spot and enjoy watching the bird's and I love working in my garden,it is suprising how quiet it is being so close to a busy main road.The Northeast has so many nice place's to visit and up until my divorce my ex took us out every weekend, plus we had an annual holiday in the Lake District.So yes Sewingkilla I like living here it does me fine. :-)

16 Mar, 2011


I live in a Somerset coastal town.
A Victorian town that's got some extremely beautiful parts but sadly some not so nice parts, but i guess that applies everywhere !

I live on the hillside which overlooks the main town and have views further down the coastline too.
It's a small private road and the 'estate' was built in the late seventies, there are gardens within this 'estate' that we all pay a maintenance fee to have kept uptogether and it's a green and lovely road, and a very quiet one :-)

The downside to living in a green and very beautiful county is the number of holidaymakers that are here from March to October, they're needed for the tourist industry but they do make our roads and towns very busy !!!
But yes, i do like where i live !

16 Mar, 2011


We live in the foothills of the Masif Central (France). We spent 5 years restoring an ancient mill and outbuildings. We have a lovely stream which I've almost cleared of brambles and planted with Rhododendrons etc.
We get all fours seasons (from -20C winters to +30C summers)
Do we like it? No, we love it.

BTW in the early 70's we lived near Louth and know the Wolds well. We often used to take the children to "Hubbard's Hills" for picnics.

16 Mar, 2011


SK, we live in the Cotswolds, we live here because of my husbands job. Our nearest road is a mile away and nearest small town 7 miles away.
It's so friendly here but too expensive to actually buy a house so I prey we can stay here a long, long time especially as my half acre garden was a paddock when we arrived and every flowerbed and flower, tree, shrub, rockery, pond has been put there by me and I am very proud of my garden. It's really a garden in Eden, relaxing and full of wildlife.
There is still so much I could do with this garden space!
Our nearest town is Tetbury an ancient market town and very pretty. There is also Sherston, another ancient town. Malmesbury with it's Abbey and The Abbey Gardens which are stunningly beautiful.
Here is far better than living in London where I stayed 38 years!! I do remember when London was more 'Villages' I miss The Thames and never go back unless I really have to!

16 Mar, 2011


I do not know if this is only happening to me.
Anywhere I lived, I considered it to be the centre of world!! I live in a peaceful London suburban street with a mixure of semi and detatched houses. Average size back gardens and the front gardens reserved for off street parking. Although it is tree lined with grass verges and many parks close-by, my daughters called it a boring and unstylish area and moved away.

16 Mar, 2011


i found your answers so interesting it seems 'wherever we put our hat is our home',

I love the Cotswolds lulu went there on holiday one year its beautiful i loved the soft colour of the stone used to build the houses would like to go back one day to explore more.
Have been to a lot of the places you live if not the town then the county and they all have something to like!

I even Whistonlass have had contact with Canada, i am a family tree researcher (my family tree not as a job i hasten to add!!) and found a distant relative in Canada and we correspond regularly and send each other parcels etc., she lives in Kelowna, British Columbia.

16 Mar, 2011


I am so pleased you posted this blog,Sk,it is so interesting,and it is so nice,that we all seem happy where we are..Also,it feels like we can visualise all our members on a more personal level,which is lovely,without being intrusive..Bring it on..and lets have lots more comments..:o)..My cousins wife is also doing our Grandmothers side of the Family tree,which is proving to be interesting,but we are only at Great Grandparent stage yet,been a bit difficult,as we didn't have much info to start with,but the free access with a Genealogy expert at the library,is helping us a lot..a great service..Hope yours is going well. ,Sk.:o)

16 Mar, 2011


Sk and Bloomer...geneology is husband has been busy researching his family tree too. I hope you have fun gathering all the details.

When I came to the UK to live my dad said....why would you go back there and hop on a plane after all our ancestors went through to emigrate from the UK to Canada? I am sure he was hoping to dissuade us from the move...but we've settled in nicely :)

Now if I won the lottery and could afford it (haha), I'd like to be able to hop a plane and return for visits (sadly dad has since passed away and I only have 1 niece and many cousins there now).... niece lives in Kamloops which is quite near toKelowna where you have located distant family...small world :)

I too am enjoying reading about where our members live...good to share. x

16 Mar, 2011


I live near Andrew in an oversized 'village' and although it won't win any prizes for "prettiest village" etc it does have just about everything within walking distance from home. A good selection of independent shops plus vet, dentist, doctor, optician, sports centre but sadly GC although there are a good selection within a few miles. Come to think of it, there's always too much to carry after a trip to the GC so a car is needed anyway!
As Andrew says, lots of surrounding forests and London near enough and far enough so, yes I like it here too :o))

16 Mar, 2011


Yes, I love the village and area where I live SK. We are just off the Romney Marsh and I enjoy its space and openness; the Royal Military canal, the woods, and open countryside are within walking distance and the coast is just 5 miles away. I originally came to this area from South London in 1972 and it felt like coming home :)

16 Mar, 2011


I think most people have herd of Axminster my home town now, In 1755 Thomas Whitty started making carpets in the town and now the name of Axminster carpets is known worldwide. More recently Hugh Fearnley - Whittingstall of "River Cottage" TV fame has set up a business in the Town. If you ever see his program then you will see Axminster, which is offten featured, and the surrounding countryside. We have a weekly Market with stalls offering a selection of local produce which is centered round the Church of St Mary, which is the centerpiece of the town.

The Town itself sits in the Axe Valley in Devon’s beautiful countryside. East Devon was desicnated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and has a diverse and vibrant landscape including wooded combes and coves, heathland, fertile river valleys, and part of the Jurassic Coastline which starts at Exmouth.

The Dorset and East Devon Coast World Heritage Site is England's first natural World Heritage Site - it is known as The Jurassic Coast. It covers 95 miles of truly stunning coastline from East Devon to Dorset, with rocks recording 185 million years of the Earth's history.

World Heritage status was achieved because of the site's unique insight into the Earth Sciences as it clearly depicts a geological ‘walk through time' spanning the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

Well that's a little insite as to where we live, We are truly lucky to be living here, but at the end of the day the best home is were your heart is, and no amount of beautiful landscape can make up for the love of family, good friends and neighbours. So do you like where we live? very much!

16 Mar, 2011


I like where i live here on the south coast..... the only thing that spoils it is the horrible sea winds we get... but thats what you get from living so near the sea front... i used to live in surrey, where i grew up and love dit there as well..... used to love walking over Epsom downs where they have the races.....

16 Mar, 2011


thank you for putting this on a blog SK ~ its really interesting ~ ive put it on my favourites ~ i loved your pictures of lincolnshire too.
i didnt like the house we moved to 6 years ago but we've altered it now and i like it much better ~ i love the little wood we have behind us but i dont like the busy road at the bottom. we live on the outskirts of a market town but it isnt as nice to visit any more ~ i hardly go there. we have at least 4 garden centres within 9 miles and the lickey hills are good to visit.
i come from hertfordshire and then lived in bedfordshire for 13 years ~ thats the place i think of as home [even tho we all moved away years ago] it was next to the woburn woods which i loved.

16 Mar, 2011


I love my home town of Blackpool, and proud of being a Lancashire lass.

16 Mar, 2011


My grandmother was a Lancashire lass born in Liverpool Clarice :)
Its been so interesting reading all your replies, Stikitoffee i have relatives in Worcester, used to go there a lot when young to my mothers brother and family, i have lovely memories of sitting on the edge of the beautiful river Severn with my cousin, happy days!
Teds i have been to Axminster too!! it sounds like i have been everywhere but we always holiday in this country so have been to most places lol.
Well whistonlass what a small world it is!!! the lady in question sent me a lovely book on where she lives i am sending her one on Lincolnshire.

16 Mar, 2011


home is where the heart is SK dont you think, and like you said your close to some beautifull countryside,
i live in blackpool but have never lived right in the centre always in a smaller near by town and now a village but close to everything, i love where i am its home :o)

16 Mar, 2011


worcester is a lovely town SK ~ i wouldnt mind living there at all. it has good shops, the river, good library, theatre and countryside around ~ nice place to be, nice atmosphere in the town too.

17 Mar, 2011


Thank you Sandra for reminding me that home is where the heart is. Which means that the fact that my 4 children and their families all live within 4 miles of me is the most important reason that I like where I live and would do so whatever it was like!

17 Mar, 2011


This is such a lovely question to have asked, SK - and what fascinating replies. We met and spent our early married life in Switzerland (loved it); the boys were born in Worcester, then we lived in the depths of Gloucestershire for a few years, and I didn't want to move to Hertfordshire. But now, after 32 years here, I appreciate being within easy reach of Cambridge and London (though visits there are rare these days). I love our home and peaceful garden, on the edge of our leafy town which has two GCs and many interesting clubs (for walks, languages, music, theatre visits, books etc.). It would be good to see the mountains and the sea more often, but that's what holidays are for!

18 Mar, 2011


switzerland??!!! how wonderful ~ that is heaven on earth isnt it? i went when i was 8, to a little place in the bernese oberland, we stayed in a traditional chalet ~ first time we had seen 'continental quilts'. i dont really want to go back cos i cant believe it would still be so beautiful ~ its still like a dream to me.

18 Mar, 2011


It's still beautiful, Sticki, especially in October when the leaves are golden, the sky blue and the snow white!! Because I wanted to learn to ski, I answered an advert for a secretary in Geneva, shared a flat with other English girls for two years, then met OH (who had a chalet in the mountains!) and stayed another two years.

19 Mar, 2011


I live in Hurstville Grove, Sydney and I like it. It is a very small suburb, in fact, it had a book written about it called the Unknown Suburb! However we have a fantastic leash-free dog park, wetlands, Aussie bush and more... my favourite part is a giant mosaic fish surrounded by nice topiary which is at the park... it's very pretty, it was supposed to be a fountain but it doesn't work anymore.
So yes, I do like where I live!

20 Mar, 2011


pip ~ you must have such lovely weather im not surprised you like it there but sheila i think you must have lived in heaven!! to live in a chalet is my idea of bliss. is OH swiss?

21 Mar, 2011


No, he's English Sticki. And the ratio of men to girls in the international agencies is 1 to 10 so I got lucky!!

21 Mar, 2011


i dont think it is all down to luck!!

21 Mar, 2011


Will talk more in a PM sticki . . .

21 Mar, 2011


well what interesting replies thanks everyone i enjoyed reading all your answers, we are an international lot aren't we?

21 Mar, 2011


nice and very interesting blog SK ~ thank you!

21 Mar, 2011


Like where I live but have one big problem with it, not enough land to plant more beautiful flowers and have a bigger pond for my fish. Really would like a nice big green house for plants that need more warmth. But I do really love living in Nova Scotia , Canada

8 Jun, 2011


tell us more pondlady ~ what is it like living somewhere that is so different from the middle of england! please

9 Jun, 2011

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