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Everything in bud


Gorgeous weather we’ve been having apart from Saturday which was very heavy and oppressive here ended up with a splitting headache, just had a walk down the garden to water the pots and plant a new plant, every thing is green and budding nicely, could do with a good downpour really the soil is very dry.

Everything is in bud, lots of fat buds on the Barbara dibley Clematis, and the Peony is near to opening didn’t know if it would flower at all as i had to move it as it was coming up.

Had to spray the lilies again found another lily beetle on them caught it and SQUISHED it ha ha ha ha (evil laugh)

Have put some netting on the cherry tree lots of cherries and last year i forgot and the birds got the lot! Hoping to get some for me this year.
The viburnum ‘Lanarth’, is in flower its the one thats going when the builder comes to do the garden patio, its far too large now where it is but oh so pretty!

this is a pretty Aqueligia now in flower, lost its label which is a shame, i must dig it up before the builder comes its in the border that the patio will be on.
The ‘woodland’ area is filling out but oh so many nettles this year! keep telling myself the butterflies will be grateful lol, the holly is in flower its a male so i get no berries, and the old fashioned Aqueligias are in bud, Japenese anenomes coming up, and the spanish bluebells are in flower, they do spread though :(

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lots of stuff going on now isn't ................ love the verberniam , hope you not going to bin it , you cud hard prune and move it .

25 Apr, 2011


looking very healthy in your garden

25 Apr, 2011


Isn't it good to see so much happening, SK - the viburnum is lovely and you can enjoy it until the work starts on your garden. Your aqueligias are ahead of mine -I have grown them for the first time this year but just buds at the moment.

25 Apr, 2011


Its all looking great Sk, shame about the viburnam,I agree it is pretty but sometimes its a case of needs must,....

25 Apr, 2011


Lots of things to look forward to in your garden, SK. Don't feel too sad about the Lily beetle - I always say to any pest that I get rid of that it's their fault and if they didn't get on my flowers they wouldn't have to be exterminated. I hope you don't get any more on your lilies this year.

Re your aquilegias - mine are new and some are only in bud whilst others are so small they don't even have any buds on them yet. They have such a pretty flower though don't they ? I hope yours turn out lovely.

Happy Gardening.

25 Apr, 2011'll have to go i'm afraid even if i hard prune it it will get big again eventually i'm hoping to get some cuttings going and it can go elsewhere in the garden, it flowers on old wood so if you cut back every year you get no flowers lol! Never mind needs must as Lincslass says.

26 Apr, 2011


A shame about the Viburnum SK but they do say a change is as good as a rest. Lovely Aqueligia such soft colouring.
Hope those cherries taste

26 Apr, 2011


My Peony is in heavy bud like yours,found buds have wet sticky stuff over them,any chance you know what it is please ???

29 Apr, 2011


mine get stiky too............... you will find ants going up and down , not sure if they produce it

3 May, 2011

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