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Had a busy weekend so far now stopped due to rain HURRAH! I cut back the Viburnum last week and left it to dry out or else the leaves clog up the shredding machine, so spent most of yesterday afternoon shredding that, then i cut the grass and picked up the remaining mess that had left, my hands hurt last night from all the chopping and shredding! This morning it was lovely and sunny and warm i was up early (tut) so decided to chop back the corkscrew hazel as it was getting a bit unruly!

Spot the normal hazel leaves! cut them out straight away hadn’t noticed them as it was so overgrown must have come from a sucker. Now can you see the bit left to get rid of?

Then i spent ages bagging it all up! Didn’t shred it as most of it was soft and too many leaves it wouldn’t have gone through the machine. Anyway it looks heaps better although i should think i won’t get as many catkins next spring but it definitely needed doing.
Stopped for lunch but before that picked some flowers for my hearth from the garden. Don’t they look pretty?

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Thats a job well done Sk, I did my viburnam last week so might also not have many flowers next year but as you say if left they get out of hand, I never shredded mine though, bit daft of me really as I have got a shredder and could do with some bark for under my willow tree (,DOH!!!!! cannot believe I never thought of that at the time) I even did my ceanotus and the woody bits would have been perfect..
You deserve a rest now and yes your flowers look very pretty........

12 Jun, 2011


A job well done, Sk. Doesn't it just take an age to bag it all up? Almost as long as the pruning! I love your flowers indoors, it wouldn't occur to me to have cut the Heuchera flowers and Aquilegias. They look so pretty. : o ))

12 Jun, 2011


I bet you feel a sense of satisfaction now,Sk..a job well done..It was lovely here this morning too..and raining heavily since lunchtime..your flowers look do your family photos..:o)

12 Jun, 2011


Crikey SK what a busy bee you have been and I love your flowers on the hearth. I managed to mow my lawn yesterday thank goodness it has been raining here all day and very windy:(

12 Jun, 2011


great job dun ............. and lovely flowers too

12 Jun, 2011


Gosh SK, your arms must be aching! Great job on the corkscrew hazel, I have one too, do you just trim the short side stems off? They're really dense trees and I'd like to lighten up the bottom of it so we can see through!

12 Jun, 2011


Thats what i did Libet there was a lot of stuff at the bottom so have cut all that out so i can see the twisted trunk, and then i just cut back branches that i didn't want, i just hacked away lol!!!

13 Jun, 2011


Lol! But it's jolly good 'hacking'! It looks lovely! Thanks for the advice! Now, where did I leave that saw...! ;0)

14 Jun, 2011

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