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Here we go again....what to do with this bit?


Having got the top half of garden sorted i now have a problem with the area where the greenhouse and pond were, i have filled in the pond, well the builder ,did with the topsoil from the gravel garden hope to make into a rockery, the bit where the greenhouse was is a mess!! Daughter is growing veg there but has lost interest so its more weeds than veg!! I told her when she asked if she could grow some veg, yes of course but you must look after it, i am not well enough to do that and all the other gardening (she’s 17) of course its got neglected so i want to do something with it but what?

The ground is not brilliant there is a lot of gravel in with the soil from where the greenhouse path was, i have thought of a raised bed for veg, that would be easier for me, or paving it and growing veg in pots? don’t know if it would be sunny enough though as the shed is on the left and garage on the right. It annoys me so much when i walk past to the bottom bit of the garden!!!

On a happier note the patio is a great success i love having breakfast out there just me and Rocky sat in the sun :o)

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Hi SK. I think I would go for the raised bed idea myself, it would be lovely to grow some of your own veg, and being a raised bed it will be tidy and easy to manage. Your patio looks great now.

4 Jul, 2011


Patio's looking great there SK, and the plants are filling out lovely :)
I agree with Cinderella, raised bed. I love mine that hub built, much easier for planting up, no sore knees from weeding and the plants are more at eye level... when your sitting on the patio in the mornings, ideas will swirl around in your mind, they do with me. There's no hurry, have a good old think :))))

4 Jul, 2011


You said poor soil so how about extending the new rockery into a scree garden?

4 Jul, 2011


Raised bed sounds good you have got a lovely rose growing against the shed:)

4 Jul, 2011


I`m for the raised bed and a few veg, theres nothing quite like fresh from the garden.

4 Jul, 2011


Whatever you decide, SK....consider your limitations as the whole idea of getting your patio and gravel area done was to you could cope with your garden.

It's looking like it needs a lot of digging out...I wonder if that is something you could undertake? I like Drc's idea of a scree garden but that may take a bit too much effort initially and some maintenance with weeding etc.

I hope you have lots of inspiration as you while away the time on your lovely patio....and in such nice patio set too :)

4 Jul, 2011


I love your patio by the window. It looks like a sun trap.
Difficult to know what to do with that neglected patch. If the soil is poor maybe it would be best to put slabs, and use it as a shady place to sit on a hot day. You could have shade/semishade loving plants in pots.
Well at 17 there are other things to do than gardening aren't there :o)

6 Jul, 2011


Lol yes Hywel there are ;) actually that's not a bad idea it does get very hot on patio as it's south facing, thanks for that idea, don't know if I want to grow to many Veg not up to it, and don't need something else to worry about!

6 Jul, 2011


Clever Hywel, why didn`t I think of that. Like you SK our garden is South facing and on a hot sunny day its just too hot to sit on the patio, so this year we added a small paved area at the bottom of the garden, wish we had done it years ago.

6 Jul, 2011


I like paved areas :o) You can put some pots there to brighten it up. And it's nice to have somewhere to sit. You need somewhere to sit when working in the garden. And a bit less work is good :o)

7 Jul, 2011

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