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Been out in the garden again today the sun is shining! it a bit cold in the wind but nothing a coat and hat wouldn’t sort, the pond is coming to life with frogs doing what frogs do at this time of year ahem!

All the bulbs are poking through the ground,i actually dug up some grape hyacinths they get everywhere and were choking some primulas i like them but oh they can take over! Chopped back a few dead branches and dead stems, cut back the buddleia as it was getting too large, tidied up generally, too wet really to do much else.

Nice to hear the birds singing again that makes it seem like Spring to hear the blackbirds etc., singing. The bird table has been busy this morning with starlings haven’t seen them for a while do they migrate? dont know much about starlings except they are greedy birds!!

The seeds i put in a week ago or (is it two?) some are up, well the swan river daisies, haven’t grown them before just hope it doesn’t get too cold for them.

All in all it was a lovely day, lets hope for some more still haven’t managed to cut the grass its just too wet, maybe next weekend.

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Hi i've been in my garden alday & yesterday, had no sunshine but it was dry no wind so i manage to get some weed membraine down with out it blowing all over the place, if its fine tomorrow i'll be out there again.

21 Feb, 2009


Hello Sewingkilla ~
My back garden was lovely and sunny today, with some bulbs flowering. :o)
I photographed Garrya elliptica "James Roof " with his long tassels and put the picture on GoY.
I would have done some gardening, but Truffle the puppy thought otherwise. Lol.
Yes, the grass is growing, but very wet, especially in the shady areas !

Not heard of Swan River daisies. Are they large plants ?

21 Feb, 2009


What are swan river daisies? Same as tt never heard of them. I have had a good as well Sewingkilla just did another blog. Can we do some swapsies of young plants?

21 Feb, 2009


Apparently they are Brachycombe, 'blue daisy like flower (from the picture they look a bit like a little aster) plant in baskets for a long lasting and beautiful display!' on the website i just looked at they are 7.95 for 4!!!!

21 Feb, 2009


Quite warm today for a while ,so I also made the most of it planted some new Primulas (then wished I had bought more) scarified bottom lawn because its a very shady area and I have a problem with the moss every year, moved some paving slabs which I am setting in my grass to provide a walkway where Malik and Morgan run,figured it would look better than the bare patches the dogs make running up and down.Also doing the same as you Sewingkilla and removing some of my Grape Hyacinths they are a lovely colour but they do get everywhere.All in all a grand day...Blow the hoovering thats gotta wait..LOL

21 Feb, 2009


Sunny here today but chilly in the wind.

I agree about grape hyacinths - I dug 2 trugloads out of my new bed. Next door's flowerbeds are just choked with them! I inherited them with the new area. :-(

21 Feb, 2009


Yesterday and today have been gorgeous. Not cold, no wind. Loads of sun. Sowing seeds, tidying beds, playing with the dogs. Discovering bulbs coming up that I 'd forgotten I 'd planted!! I agree about the grape hyacinths - they're everywhere -must thin them out. What a cracking day. Cant wait to get out there again tomorrow.

21 Feb, 2009


Beautiful her today too Sewingkill ! like you we cut hard back an old buddleia....should actually do the plants good...lots of new growth lower down ! Was lovely to hear all the birds singing in the surrounding trees and bushes....really felt springlike !

21 Feb, 2009


I was out in my snow boots today and it was too warm for a jacket. Funny to be out with snow boots and shirt sleeves. My ground is actually starting to show through in a couple of places.
I love grape hyacinths too. I just put some in last autumn. I hope they survived the winter.

22 Feb, 2009


Hi Sewingkilla Glad you had a nice day. I hope the spring will be good. There's such a lot to do. I like grape h's too but they do spread. I have some I brought from the other garden and I've put them in the ground hoping they'll give a nice show soon,
. Have another great day today. All the best :o)

22 Feb, 2009

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