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New pond


Hello not been here much as not been well, but we have just had a large pond built so I thought I’d record it’s progress on here. As a retirement gift to myself I decided to have a decent size pond built, but raised as I can’t bend too well with a border to put in some seasonal flowers. It’s rather bigger than I thought haha but I’m sure will give me lots of pleasure in hopefully years to come.

Day 1…..the start!
The archway behind the pond is being removed as it’s cracked, not sure wether to keep it or get rid yet, it could go somewhere else.

Snow stopped play in the first week we had rather a lot!

Finished now I need to choose plants it’s quite a deep pond so am wondering what to get! I shall enjoy researching though. Before I add fish I will leave it to settle.

After asking a question in the gardening question section I’ve had a few suggestions for pond plants thanks to everyone that replied much appreciated, I’ve ordered some bedding plants for later to make the border pretty ?
It’s given me someth8ng to look forward to
Spring is on its way Honest!

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Hi, that's a very nice looking pond, I'm sure you will enjoy the summer evenings sat near it, with some nice scented plants around, wishing you a long and happy retirement, and hope you're now feeling well, Derek.

9 Mar, 2018


Having now seen it I would definitely include blue water irises. Flowers in season and good foliage most of the year. You might need to stand the basket on a few bricks to bring the soil level above the water line unless you incorporated a planting ledge. Avoid the wild yellow ones as they could be too vigorous. When you buy your water lily be sure to tell the supplier how deep the pond as there are different varieties for different depths. its tempting to go for the big ones but the smaller ones often look more in proportion in smaller ponds. Hope you get lots and lots of pleasure from it!

9 Mar, 2018


Thankyou sound advice much appreciated

9 Mar, 2018


We have decided to put coping stones on the top to overhang a bit so liner edge can’t be seen as easily, I’m also looking into a solar fountain, we have a pump set up ready to go and I e started looking for plants etc

10 Mar, 2018


Agree with Steragram regarding blue water irises.

We lost several water lilies because our pond was too deep for them! Expensive lesson learnt!

10 Mar, 2018


Water Iris and Lilly are a great choice. Your fish will love to nibble on the roots of the Water Iris. I see you have a pond pump/filter on the bottom and that is good. I would suggest you start out with only four fish of your choice. In one season or two you will find that the number of fish will add up to much more than that. Looks deep enough so everything will survive the winter.

10 Mar, 2018


This looks lovely! I love ponds!

21 Apr, 2018

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