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roll on summer!


Been in the garden like a lot of GOYers everything is looking promising from the seeds in the little greenhouse,

didn’t think the Penstenoms were going to come through but they have, and in the pot at the front are the Swan river daisies with some more at the back.
the daffodils are nearly all out, the white ones with yellow trumpets are lovely i planted those in the Autumn last year, lovely big flowers.

I tried to take a photo of the frogs doing what frogs do at this time of year but every time i got near they disappeared to the bottom of the pond!! Well i suppose they like their privacy!

Think i will have to give my goose a scrub for summer he is covered in yellow lichen…..or should i leave him?

The flowering currant is in bud, smells so blackcurranty!!

on my wanderings i found this lovely dog violet growing amongst the weeds!! hope it seeds all over, i love these little flowers
The primroses are finally in flower, and the cowslips are in bud, in fact everything is starting to look lovely
Roll on summer!!

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Looking good ~
and well done on the Penstemons. :o)

18 Mar, 2009


Lovely photos. I like your big daffs very much and the little violet. Your flowering current is far more advanced than mine - no flower buds on mine at all yet. I vote for leaving goosey with his coat on for the moment - it may turn cold again!

18 Mar, 2009


What wonderful Plants&Seeds u have SK the Dog Violet is so lovely :)

18 Mar, 2009


All looking good Sk...the little violet is so sweet !
Vote you leave the goose as he is...quite fetching !

18 Mar, 2009


A Wash&Paint Up i say BB :)

18 Mar, 2009


Dont you mean a wash and brush up Jacque ? Lol

18 Mar, 2009


Your right everything is looking good ......

18 Mar, 2009


nice lichen, means you've got clean air. I'd leave goosey alone, looks wonderful.
i found violets too under a tree at the weekend. so exciting.

18 Mar, 2009


I like your goose like that! Leave him, I say!

19 Mar, 2009


I'm trying to decide which are the Penstemons S, because I don't think mine are doing anything. However when I moved several different trays of seed from one room to another I got the labels completely mixed up - so I have no idea what's what.
Love the goose just as he is.

19 Mar, 2009


Funny how all winter we've been saying " roll on spring ". Now spring is here people are saying " roll on summer " - never satisfied are we. lol.

Sorry I can't say it with you Sewingkilla. Summer isn't a season I'm too fond of really - it's always too wet or too hot. I prefer the spring and autumn myself, So I'm going to enjoy the spring while it's here. Then I'll probably say " roll on autumn " :o)

20 Mar, 2009

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