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no sleep yawn


Well could i get to sleep last night? i could not! at 1.30am i gave up and came downstairs and read my Gardeners World magazine from cover to cover, still not sleepy, made a cup of hot milk with nutmeg read a bit of my book, yawn it was 3.30am when i went back to bed, hubby snoring his head off poked him in the side so he turned over (sorry darling LOL) finally drifted off, woke at 8am, hubby gone to work never heard him go! Daughter getting up for her work experience, waited till she went and came downstairs soooooo tired!
Decided to get outside seing as the sun was shining and opened greenhouse, phew it was warm in there! The black eyed susan i bought is romping away i really want to put it out as theres not much room in the mini greenhouse but its not really warm enough yet for it. I potted up some lobelia and petunias into big pots they have been outside so should fingers crossed be ok, am going to cover with newspaper at night they are against the south facing wall at the moment where its quite sheltered so i think they’ll be ok.
Am still waiting for some hanging basket plants i really would like to get them planted up now but no point until they arrive, they will be going in the garage at night though!
the fresh air seemed to help and fingers in compost always makes me feel good!
Have come in for a spot of lunch and now last night is catching up with me maybe a little snooze? zzzzzzzzzzzz

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Don't worry Sewingkilla, I had a snooze right along with you! Lol!! I usually have to sleep every lunchtime, so nothing new there! And I'm on the right side of 40, so can't even use old age as an excuse, lol!!

29 Apr, 2009


its awful when you just cannot get to sleep
its usually when everybody else is sleeping like logs, it doesnt matter how many times you accidently hit your partner with your reading book or cough loudly near there ear (hehe) they do not take the hint...I mean wake up

a stroll round the garden checking my babies always clears my head

lets hope you have a better night tonight

x x x

29 Apr, 2009


Hi I hope you got a nap that is just want cure the soal. You will feel better tomorrow, I have been fighting cold so I took nap too. Enjoy some hot tea and just take easy that is what I did today. Planted some squash and that was it.

29 Apr, 2009


My yorkies got me up early this morning..... i let them out and went back to bed...... but could not get back to sleep...its horrible when you wake in the night and cant get back to sleep..... hope you managed a good nights sleep last night...

30 Apr, 2009

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