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I have been cheering myself up today looking through the seed catalogues, i have had an idea for my daughter in laws (warning dreaded word coming up!) Christmas present. This year my son and family moved to a house with a garden from a 3rd floor flat with balcony, Liz (daughter in law) grew quite a few veg this year in pots, now they have cleared the small garden so she can grow some more vegetables, she had great success with Cucumbers and tomatoes in pots so am making up a parcel of veg seeds for her, but not being a veg grower (apart from Tomatoes and potatoes in sacks) i don’t know if i am picking the right varieties etc., so am hoping you people with more experience can give me some ideas, listed below are some i have picked out of a catalogue, bearing in mind some will be in pots and the garden is the size of a pocket hankerchief with a large tree (which is protected but its huge!) shadowing some of the garden.Liz is a great one for making her own cookies etc., so i have chosen tomatoes, cucumber, and pumkings because i know she grew those last year.

Courgette ‘Soleil’ F1 Hybrid
Pumkin ‘Mars’ F1 Hybrid (for the grandaughters Halloween as well as
the cookies and Muffins!)
Peppers ‘Mini Belle’ mixed (for the patio)
Peas ‘Ambassador’
Cucumber ‘Burpless Tasty Green’ F1 Hybrid
Tomato ‘Vilma’ (Bush/Container)

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Great idea SK, but i'm no good with veg seed, sure someone will give you a hand to sort some out, good luck with it :o)

12 Nov, 2009


Oooh - sorry, Skilla - can't help on this one at all - but it's definitely a brainwave! Now, hmmmm...who's good on veggies? Mr and Mrs MB and Ian, just for starters! Sure someone will help and advise.

12 Nov, 2009


Clarice, you had some tomatoes last year that didn't need pinching out, etc. Can you remember the name? I'm sure they would be great in a small space. I know I would like to try them :)

12 Nov, 2009

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