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I was watching the other day as Toffee usurped the local ‘King’ of the cats, Jasper lives next door but one and is a lovely cat very friendly BUT he does use my garden as his toilet…never buries it either just does it on the grass which is a right pain!
He was round here again and Toffee actually saw him off, mind you it took ages! You know what cats are like they stood and stared at each other for about 20 minutes with me inside thinking come on get on with it!

Still staring at each other, lots of low growling going on,

Jasper is the big ginger tom just starting to turn around another 10 minutes of this…..ho hum….
toffee wins!!!! Jasper backed down and slunked off, haven’t seen him since is Toffee the new King of the block? I wait to see!!!

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I get alot of Growling amoungst my 3 SK but they soon shut up & walk away when i tellm off :) lol

23 Feb, 2010


Good job toffee saw him off.... especially if hes doing his business in your garden... i dont have cats but have a lot of trouble with other peoples cat poo.....

23 Feb, 2010


i couldnt have watched sewing... i would have had to go split them up,, i hate cat fights, especially if one gets hurt

23 Feb, 2010


My 2 other cats i had years ago was Timmy & Beauty it was always Beauty who frightened of other cats, she would fight with anything and Timmy just use to sit and watch her instead of going to help her.

23 Feb, 2010


Mine saw another tom cat off who came too close to our house for his liking. Just lots of growling and posturing. Not a blow was struck!

23 Feb, 2010


they didn't attack each other just a lot of posturing Sanbaz, and i really want toffee to get more confident with himself i think as Jasper is now getting on a bit Toffee will get better at keeping all the other cats out, there are lots of cats round here!!!

24 Feb, 2010


glad no claws out or casualties lol, yes maybe toffee will gain confidence now jasper is getting older, taking over protecting the garden from his trainer :o))

24 Feb, 2010

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