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Have been out this morning to test out my new wheelbarrow, a lightweight one just for me!! Its from Netto and great for collecting rubbish bits from the garden, have been cutting down Perennials and trying to tidy the borders up a bit.

Its a bit of a mess at the moment!! leaves all over the borders but lovely to be out and ‘doing’ as my grandmother would have said! Lots of bulbs poking their noses out and lots of buds on them, the daffodils are starting to get taller at last and the Crocus that a neighbour threw out are spreading all over the woodland bit and look glorious.

It looks as if Toffee was busy last night too! Now which re-cycling bin do i put it in?

The Corkscrew hazel is looking glorious especially when the sun is on the Catkins, one of my favourite trees in the garden. I bought this about 20 odd years ago my son picked it out he was only little at the time and liked the ‘wavy’ branches!! its very slow growing.

The temperature was a bit warmer than last time i posted a photo of it!! Bit windy today though so have come inside as it affects my Menieres.

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I like your wheelbarrow. it would be ideal for me with my arthritic shoulders lol.
Crocuses are my favourite spring bulbs :o)
I hope your menieres isn't giving you too much bother . It must be very distressing.
Pitty about the mouse but we don't want to be over-run by them do we .:o(

14 Mar, 2010


Oh no Hywel don't want too many of those!! Have had a rough time with Menieres since Christmas but it seems (fingers crossed, touch wood) to be levelling out recently, think the weather affects it and i'm keeping off chocolate and cheese as an experiment :(

14 Mar, 2010


Lovely Garden Sk i bought 1 of these Wheelbarrows, i have had it
for about 7 years really has been handy especially as they fold up after
use, at the moment, cannot be used, as my other half loaded it with heavy
bricks etc. and flattened the tyre. I love your corkscrew Hazel Tree with
plants around it. What a lovely Temperature Plaque on the front of shed
I do like it....: >))) Ahhhh. that poor little body on the lawn....:>(((

14 Mar, 2010


great idea have happy Spring morning love from USA

14 Mar, 2010


Oh I do love chocolate, and cheese too :o))
But i am trying to loose some weight so I'm keeping off them aswell. It is very difficult.
I hope keeping off them helps you.

14 Mar, 2010


Glad you were able to get out a bit.Sun out here today but a very cold wind...mustnt grumble though after what we have had ! Lol

14 Mar, 2010


Hope you get some respite from you condition and do enjoy your lovely plants.

14 Mar, 2010


glad you were able to get out in the garden....your corkscrew hazel is lovely... it will take years before mine gets that size.........ive been out doing some bits as well its been a lovey like your wheelbarrow..............

14 Mar, 2010


Your lightweight wheelbarrow is very interesting as I desperately need a new one. My plastic one didn't survive being loaded with concrete and bricks! Your woodland area is looking great. Hope the weather improves and your health with it :)

14 Mar, 2010


I had one of those wheelbarrows a few years ago, but i found them hard to empty, but very light to carry things around the garden.

15 Mar, 2010


As i find bending difficult Clarice its just the right height for loading up with rubbish i cut down in the garden, it is hard to tip but as i only load with light weight stuff i just lift it out.

15 Mar, 2010


Lovely crocus but poor mouse Ollie was mousing yesterday but lucky for the mice he did not manage to catch any. The wheelbarrow looks good but as I have a council garden bin I just put my garden rubbish straight in there.

19 Mar, 2010


i have a compost heap as well as brown council bin so use this when i take it to the compost heap.

19 Mar, 2010

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