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Hello everyone, and hope you’re all good, I feel i should almost re-introduce myself as my last post was way back in 2013…how time flies!

My passion for plants and gardens has not waded at all, have just been doing a few other things in which my garden has taken a bit of a back seat…but in the time since things have still moved along and i hope you enjoy some pictures of what has been done.

You can see from my last photos in how it has actually changed, as much as i like plants/flowers i wasn’t particularly sure in which direction i was going but eventually i have found my goal… so here goes…

First off, walking out of the back door along the side of the house the pergola is now smothered in clematis, the dark purple one is ‘polish spirit’ and the other one that mingles is a lilac coloured one but forget it’s name…

The main garden/patio (40 sq m) has now an oak sleeper border that runs along the fencing and returns a little into the garden to give more dimension and interest and has different heights for the palms. At the front of the border is another border that’s home to some agapanthus, day lillies, crocosmia, canna lilles and some black mondo grass (which will be dug up and planted under and around the miscanthus giganteus) for a better effect i think. (The miscanthus was previously in the front garden). The cordyline has grown wonderfully since it was damaged by the long hard winter of 2010…(had to be cut down to an 8" stump). A picture shows it’s 3 wonderful new trunks.

In a lightly shady corner are some ginger and canna lillies, looking forward to next month for flowers…and opposite end under the loo window some lovely arum lillies.

Some agapanthus in a pot and more day lillies in a pot, a bamboo clump in a 55 ltr pot submerged in the ground (there are also two more clumps at the rear). a black painted pergola for some added structure…which just leaves some informal type of seating that will fit inbetween the bamboo and miscanthus…then i’ll probably start all over again lol….some pics of everything.

A pic of the front garden aswell. The bamboo has been trained into this form since 2013. An acer and a trachy fortunei. A little bit different from before.

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lovely to hear from you again. it was interesting reading but sadly there aren't any photos in the blog.

23 Jul, 2021


done now, seaburngirl....but came out not so good :-(

23 Jul, 2021


it is a lovely clematis Shadydapple. the photo is good.

23 Jul, 2021


Ok, thanks sea, have sorted all the pics now and added a little more info...enjoy!

23 Jul, 2021


I love what you have done with the planting lots of different areas but the theme flows through it also looks wheelchair friendly, must be nice and cool too.

24 Jul, 2021


Thanks Drc, Yes its very airy and open area to chill out in, still looking for a seating option inbetween the bamboo and miscanthus...the space is not too dissimiiar than from before which was just a touch too closed in.

24 Jul, 2021


My first thought was a hammock then a cocoon hanging chair came to mind and you can get double ones.

25 Jul, 2021


Drc, yes, double hanging chair has crossed my mind...some lovely options out there.

25 Jul, 2021


Gorgeous garden, very neat, may I ask what to do with agapanthus as yours, like mine, may now be seed heads?

14 Sep, 2021


walesgirl... sorry for the very late reply, right now in november mine are like yours and all i do is cut down the flowering stalks to within a couple of inches and just let leaves die off naturally...that is the blue variety, the white agapanthus is of the hardy type and keeps its leaves throughout the year but cut down the stalks the same way.

...and thanks for the nice comments, hope my response helps.

7 Nov, 2021


Hello! Lovely to read your updates and view your beautiful garden!!!
I love all your lush, exotic plants! Lots of height and interest..and inspiration too.
Your clematis is a gorgeous floriferous one! Lovely colour too.
Thank you for sharing! Lots of ideas for me!

7 Nov, 2021


Hello Kate, and thanks for the kind words.The purple one is 'polish spirit' a wonderful climber that i try and intermingle with the lilac coloured one (can't remmember it's name) and not as obvious in the photos but a lovely colour combo.

Yes, i love my exotics and surprising how much we can grow and get away with in the uk without damage.

It's a wonderful forum for sharing our gardens and learning from many experienced peeps here and all very helpful.

Hope your lovely garden and all others get thru the colder months without too many issues...will probably post some pics of the garden in it's dormant state if i remember!

13 Nov, 2021

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