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Have at long last got rid of the back lawn,it’s taken a few weeks from the start im not doing anything more till the spring.
We think we will sit out on that part now,before we never went on it,seven year old grandaughter thinks its an adventure park.
We still have two small lawns at the front so husband will still have to get lawn mower out.

Photo’s of back lawn

Rest of garden the other side last May

Lawn taken up

Membrane down

Cousin doing all the hard work

Stone down

Start of plan

Small rockery

Start of design

Not finished yet,plants to put in

Few plants in,dont think i’m finished

Display of logs

Another idea, goodness knows if it will work

Few plants in,stones look different colours if damp or dry

Horrible corner fence,photo taken last year

Screening in corner to conceal fence,allthought only shows in winter +next doors shed gone

New Phormium with fence behind,bit of protection from wind wipping up the side

Going to stop now till spring,see what it looks like when plants start growing before i do anything else

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It looks really good Sharnford. I have a lot of grass in my garden, bit by bit I am getting rid of grass too, reasons..too much time spent cutting it. Look forward to seeing your garden in the near future! :)))

7 Jan, 2012


It's looking much more interesting than a lawn :o) It's going to look nice when all the plants start to grow.

7 Jan, 2012


i do like those lovely collections of logs and stones with the little plants in between, very attractive.

7 Jan, 2012


interesting design, i like this very much. :o)

7 Jan, 2012


Its looking so good Sharn, much more interest with those stone and log designs, Great work.

7 Jan, 2012


How interesting that looks now. I too am getting rid of a lot of lawn, I don't mind mowing small areas, but when it takes hours then it's time for a change I think. Look forward to seeing how it grows.

7 Jan, 2012


I do like your transformation - although the old garden looked great too me too!
I love what you have done with your logs...would you mind if I borrowed your idea :)

7 Jan, 2012


Thanks all,I do enjoy reading all your blogs,the lawn was a mess because no water was getting through even it being spiked as it is on a slope rain just ran off.
Feel free Scottish i would have liked to have had a large log as well but difficult to get home,went to nearest farm who sell logs,he told me to take what i wanted for £10 did'nt think that was to bad.
I shall look forward to seeing it when plants get going

8 Jan, 2012


Thanks Sharnford...that looks good for a tenner :)

9 Jan, 2012


Hello Sharnford, just a few comments. I too have put a
membrane in on a clay soil border. Now, although I cleared it and sprayed the soil before doing so, find the grass and weed roots deep underneath it get warm, and grow through the drainage holes.
Pulling the shoots out with wider roots increases the size of the drainage holes, which increases the problems.
I have made this border into a Container Garden, following GoY ideas from photographs (which I really appreciate) and so I can combat the weed growth using a strong weedkiller, without killing the plants.

In fact, its much easier to move all the pots to one side, then spray the weeds coming through the gravel with the strong variety of Roundup, which leaves the drainage holes the same size, and replace the pots.

I think you would be well advised to get all those plants up and replant them in pots or containers, and save yourself a lot of trouble later on. They will look just as nice in the same places, but will be safe.

Best wishes.

9 Jan, 2012


Hi Diane, the trouble with putting them in pots is i'm trying not to use them,since husband retired in march we have been away a lot some times just for 2-3 days but come better weather grandaughter has to water pots and baskets on front garden as its in full sun,i know what you mean because i have had bit of that happen on the front having to lift membrane to pull up roots still growing, thanks anyway :-))

9 Jan, 2012


There are lots of catches to keeping ANY garden going well and looking good all the time. Debris from mature trees that we planted years ago, is one problem with us. Watering while we were away was another problem. Weeds/slugs/snails/ everybody's problem. Now we are more or less unable to go away, the good thing is I can indulge my potomania. I can get exercise walking to water them. I can get exercise brushing up natural debris from the trees, and the blackbirds kick it out again to search for food. They are on their 4th nest...a complement to the garden. Someone cuts our grass every 2 weeks and does odd jobs. I can keep occupied in the winter servicing the flower pots too.

25 Jul, 2012


Temperature at the moment is 28 deg.C. I have only watered my Containers twice this week. I use a good Compost with a little Perlite and sand in, and Bark Chippings on the surface. Plants all looking fine, whereas plants in the ground need watering where the moisture just drains away. Then theres the teabags tip, to put into the base of the pots.
I have black plastic trays in the greenhouse. Just lob a watering can full into the trays twice a week !

25 Jul, 2012

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