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Hello all ,can anyone remember the ladder i was going to put together, the idea coming from youngdaisydee’s wacky blog, well did’nt i have fun and games with it,stood it at corner of the bungalow oh did’nt the winds like that, spent more time runing out when the winds got up taking things off before they blew off then putting them back on ,this happend quite a few times till i gave up and moved it to the side in front of the garage door ( now have to use side door )i had a few broken things by the time i moved it.
Some photo’s of the back garden from when we took the lawn up in dec-jan to try to make it low maintenance and a few other photo’s

This is the one off the wacky blog

!Have got these wrong way round

This started in Dec

This is now

These next two from Dec when first started

Look’s like this now

Started in Dec


Corner of garden now

How it did look before

Summer side

Spring side
Bit of both

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I remember the ladder. They're both very nice. They look interesting.
I like your pebbles too :o)

24 Jul, 2012


Lots of interesting ideas. Thank you Sharnford. I must remember to look out for objects to enhance my garden.

25 Jul, 2012


I am glad I favourited you Sharnford, otherwise I wouldn't have seen your gravel, pebble and paving ideas. I have a problem formal raised circle at the bottom our garden. I was put in when we had the garden landscaped a long time ago. I Like what you have done with your pebbles and interesting shaped pavers. The circle is under a tall hazel tree and a laburnum. Both drop a lot of natural debris onto a tiny lawn nearbye. I decided pebbles and gravel not practical at the moment. Hazel might be removed. So I will do a Heuchera circle on the outside and some hardy geraniums in the middle, meantime. The circle is semi shaded. I will keep your ideas in reserve.

25 Jul, 2012


I like your ladder a lot but I think you have changed a boring old lawn in to a great area of interest. I'm busy cutting away another bit of lawn to make a rockery/alpine bed /scree bed. its hard work but we think a little elbow grease now will pay dividends long term. I'm looking forward to sitting admiring it in my ever approaching old age. I like the cart and the way you ring the changes from season to season.

25 Jul, 2012


I love how you have done in your garden and what you have achieved with the ladder is great.

25 Jul, 2012


It looks such fun and the before and after pics show all your hard work is worthwhile

25 Jul, 2012


It all looks really good. Love the idea of a spring/summer side. I tried the ladder thing as well and had the same problems with the wind blowing things off and some of them breaking. It's more stable now, but my plants aren't growing as well as yours, so mine doesn't look half as good.

25 Jul, 2012


Ladder looking good now - I remember you saying you were doing this. Your gravel area is coming along nicely - I do love those footprints you have made with the pebbles and stone!
If you may remember I was going to copy your log display - I managed to source some logs but they were not of good quality and looked really scruffy after a while - ended up binning those :)

25 Jul, 2012


Thank's for comment's all, have no trees near to mess my garden up Dorjac so stays nice and tirdy.
Enjoy sitting in garden more now Scotgran, husband did'nt like having a seat on the lawn because of moving it to mow it,have only turned the cart round this week i like it both ways and begonia's have taken a long time to get going.
Lijemc,the ladder has takena long time to get going same as most of the plants.
Scottish,did the footprints for grandaughter i did'nt think they would be there long but she has played about with them and put them back as they were,sorry to hear your logs did'nt work,mine still look the same
Thanks again all :-))

25 Jul, 2012


The ladder looks great Sharnford and your pebbles, you have an eye for design, Nothing is over or under done, Im chuffed to bits you used one of the wacky ideas, thanks :)

26 Aug, 2012


I did enjoy playing about with it, i will have a better idea next year, had a few problem's with the wind blowing things off time and time again but then again most of us have had problem's with the weather this year have we not??. Going to take front lawns up at the end of sept so i will be looking for idea's for that. By for now :-)))

27 Aug, 2012


I know what you mean about pots tipping over in the wind or even just the odd gust. Some of mine have gone over since we bought wheeled supports for the bigger ones. Fortunately none have broken so far. I am still going on with the Allium removing project. As they send up green shoots, which they do early on, I remove them each day, ,only takes a tick to do, before they burrow down any further. I have my Heuchera pots in place to see if they get on with the shade in the circle

3 Sep, 2012


I`d missed this one Sharnford, its now in my favs, I love what you have done in your garden, so many eyecatching features...

3 Sep, 2012

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