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Lovely Afternoon


Weather lovely saturday afternoon spent pottering on the garden tidying digging, bit of cutting back just enjoying my self as husband had gone to watch a football match (back hurt’s now. ) Going on holiday to spain on tues so garden will be nice and tidy to come back to,had to take a few photo’s while i was out there just because i like to :-)))

My ladder still going well,keep moving things about


Front garden, lawns coming up when back from holiday

Baskets along front fence

Cart looking nice and full now

Begonia,s under kitchen window, im going to have to have a change from these begonia’s, after having them for the last three years ( but i love the colour )

Planters out-side front door

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All very beautiful, something to be proud of. But what a shame to remove the lawn, it forms such a nice restful backdrop to the flowers.

2 Sep, 2012


I agree very beautiful. What are you having in place of the lawn?

2 Sep, 2012


Great a ladder update....looks very good. Who uses the garage? I wonder. The pendulous orange/apricot begonias look great too. I wonder how your other area is faring where you did away with the lawn? Have a good trip to Spain, I hope not too hot. Friends just baled out of their house there, as it got so humid they felt came home to Upminster to cool down a bit!

3 Sep, 2012


Wow!!!! your Begonia`s are fabulous as is everything else, I think the ladder looks really good, I well remember seeing the wacky blogs, you`ve proved how good this idea is, I love it..
Have a good holidaySharnford...

3 Sep, 2012


Steragran and Scottish, Don't know what we are doing with the front garden yet,still waiting for some idea to pop into my brain,we are quite private on the front so any thing could work,
Lincslass i have been pleased with the ladder even with the winds blowing things off and will do another one next year
Dorjac, we use the garage as a shed as no room in garden for one so are able to use the side door and i am still pleased with how the back garden as ended up looking
Thanks for your interest,i'm now going to pack my suitcase have to get up at two thirty :-)))

3 Sep, 2012


Lovely fuchsia - any idea what sort it is please ?

Have a great holiday !

3 Sep, 2012


Your ladder is lovely and your garden is very pretty. I love those Begonias.
Have a nice holiday :o)

3 Sep, 2012


The herbgardener, I think the fuchsia could be Mrs Popple

3 Sep, 2012


Looks like Mrs Popple to me also ...

3 Sep, 2012


Yes folk's we all think the same ( Mrs Popple )
Back from holidays to-day (tues ) could have cried,some of the pots half dead,most of the ladder (dead finished), hanging baskets dead (grrrrr left grandaughter to water don't know if she has missed some of the watering or she came to water straight from school, which would mean being in full hot sun and would dry out in a very short time.
I am to upset about it to even mention it to her what do we do,not go on holiday or not bother with any pots planters and baskets,any way sorry about the ranting needed to get it off my chest

11 Sep, 2012


I understand how you feel. I remember going on holiday one year and asking my dad to water my fuchsias. When I got home most of them were dead or nearly dead. He said he'd watered them every day, but probably in the evening. He only lived a mile away, so could have done it in the morning, but he was hopeless with plants. I shoul'd have known better than to ask him ...
I swore at him lol ! ....

12 Sep, 2012


I'm so sad your pots perished Sharnford. We don't go away anymore due to inconvenient health issues. One compensation is that I can get pot mad and my patio is a riot. I used to gather all mine in a shaded place and have been lucky with neighbours just to pop round as required to water. Many years ago we USED my mother in law and then detected simmering resentment. Started to take her on a trip a year to compensate.....expensive but effective...the smouldering stopped. We 'potty' gardeners have a hobby that can cause family 'issues'.

12 Sep, 2012


That's heartbreaking Sharnford - a good thing you went away now rather than June anyway. Just noticed you had interplanted your wallflowers with the little begonias - what a good idea.

12 Sep, 2012


Thanks i just needed a rant,it's husbands granddaughter not mine, we do get on well but i would'nt rant to him about her.
Steragram, they are stocks i grew my-self from seed in between the begonias, they flowered i cut them down and they flowered again ( i did'nt know they did that ?? )
Dorjac,I have no pots on back garden for this reason but i do like the one's on the front garden and although quite private on the front if i move baskets off fence and other pot's it does tell people you are not at home.
Hywel,at least you could have a swear at him,granddaughter is only fifteen so have to button my mouth, hope she is not waiting to be paid ( NO WAY am i paying to have my plants killed. )
Anyway i know now not to ask her next year,will have to have a think about that one, bye bye for now :-)))

13 Sep, 2012

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