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Quiz time!


I know Shirley tulip enjoys these at this time of year (and a few others), so here’s something to keep you busy while gardening is not an option . . .

The theme is transport, as Shirley has rightly guessed. She’s a bright spark! (This intro was missing when Shirley saw the blog first – sorry about the confusion)

1. Not for a rocker (7)
2. Stooged about, looking miserable (5)
3. All together (7)
4. Flip this retail area (4)
5. Not just for gamblers and drinkers (6)
6. The passenger doesn’t choose it, or ever know he is in it (6)
7. Come out of your shell to reverse (9)
8. A line of camels behind a tower (7)
9. London borough for hire (7,8)
10. Desired transport for Queen (7)

Good luck!

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Sheila, I think Hackney carriage for number 9 and OH reckons Bicycle for number 10 (the song by the band Queen) and Scooter (Mod not Rocker) for number 1.

I'm guessing the theme is transport ....

28 Nov, 2016


Shirley - thanks so much. I had typed a proper introduction to this (even mentioning your name), and then must have suddenly hit the wrong key, as the entire blog went blank. Stupidly, I just went back to the questions, without the intro (. . in a hurry, as ever!)

Yes, you are right, the theme is transport - very well worked out :)

29 Nov, 2016


Ha ha Sheila, not sure about being a bright spark, more of 'thinking outside the box' and doing lots of crosswords and word puzzles!

We have come up with some more, which I shall PM you as, hopefully, other members will enjoy taking part in this quiz.

29 Nov, 2016


You certainly are a bright spark Shirley - and thanks for your suggestions, which look good to me. I thought that 10 would be something from a Queen number, but couldn't think what.

The heading on the Quiz sheet is "how well do you know how to get about?" so there are a few answers like 'escalator' but you've obviously got the idea. And thanks for the PM . . .

29 Nov, 2016


These make my brain ache. I'm off outside to pick up leaves ;) x

30 Nov, 2016


The clues really are difficult this year, Karen, but we enjoy trying to solve them :)

1 Dec, 2016



2 Dec, 2016

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