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Quiz time for Shirley tulip (but you can join in)!


It’s that time of year again, when we buy the local Rotary quiz for £1 to have ‘fun’ trying to solve the cryptic clues. This year’s theme is Jobs.

1. Should be friends with the cowman (6)
2. He puckers up (6)
3. Can he fix it? (7)
4. It all adds up when he’s on the case (10)
5. A different parallel line of different colour in church (6)

More to come!

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Sheila, you must have ESP as we were only talking about the annual quiz you kindly post questions on! We shall put our thinking caps on and get back to you. PM or on the open forum?

21 Dec, 2017


I wonder how many others will be interested? Maybe PM at first, but then post openly in a day or so . . .

21 Dec, 2017


Sounds like a good plan .....

21 Dec, 2017


How about these?

6. Shawshank's governor (6)
7. Caviar's mum without tea (7)
8. Keaton's engine (7)
9. Very polite personal attendant (5,7)
10. First of the four that Smiley sorted out (6)

Well done to Shirley and her OH for solving Nos. 1, 3 and 4!

22 Dec, 2017


Thanks for more questions Sheila ... PM on the way to you.

22 Dec, 2017


I think I know no 7 ...

22 Dec, 2017


sent you a pm ;o)

22 Dec, 2017


I have 3, 4 and 7 so far, but my brain is hurting!

23 Dec, 2017


Thanks for the PMs Shirley, Hywel and Seaburngirl . . . plenty of good brain power there!

We're mostly in agreement with the early ones (feel free to PM me if you'd like answers!). Here are just three more, and then I'll leave you to enjoy Christmas without a headache :)

11. Put your foot in it, thanks to him (7)
12. Two of the Doctors (5)
13. Went to Gloucester, but partly shot in Hitchin (6)

The last one must be a reference to a film that was shot in a local town, so you couldn't possibly be expected to know that one! We might get the answer from a local fan . . .

23 Dec, 2017


Thank you for some more questions Sheila ... OH now watching Man. Utd. on TV so I shall ponder over them!

23 Dec, 2017

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