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For Anget, "smiles"


Your blog is a lovely idea, so here are some things which make me smile :)

Me on right with friends in summer

snow in the garden from upstairs window

Lovely tulips from lovely husband last Saturday!

Some of my bonsai which I can tend sitting down :)

Silver birch with normal size leaf

Quince, with normal size leaf

Acer, and possibly apple?

Beech collection


My favourite Beech (needs a lower perspective!)

Silver birch is very slow to bulk up; Hawthorn (bottom right in miscellany) is a good subject, as is Beech. Just a few more years and they will be looking good, ha ha :)

Hope you are smiling now. Have a good day!

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I'm glad you took the time to enter into the spirit of my blog suggestion, Sheila. It's obvious that it's not always the 'big things' which make us happy and I suspect it really helps at the moment to get the most from the 'small things' we enjoy.
It is lovely to meet you, anyway. I think your hobby of bonsai is an interesting one. I'm always fascinated by it when you see tiny trees at any of the shows.
Lucky you with flowers from your OH. He sounds thoughtful. What would we do without the support of friends and family at the moment?

2 Feb, 2021


Thanks Ange. Yes indeed ... I’d certainly be lost without my OH. I have ME/Chronic Fatigue, so he has to do all the heavy lifting!

It’s one of the reasons that looking after dwarf trees suits me ... I can ‘garden’ sitting on a bench at a table, and do some gentle pruning without any effort. Lovely to meet you too 🙂🙂.

2 Feb, 2021


well that made me smile too Sheila, thanks for sharing your bonsai skills. I don't think I have the patience to do this.

2 Feb, 2021


Seems like your bonsai collection is growing Sheila.
Lovely to see.
Tulips are gorgeous.

2 Feb, 2021


Thank you Eileen ... if bonsai needed patience I wouldn’t be doing it! It’s just a bit of fun 🙂.

Thanks Klahanie 🙂.

2 Feb, 2021


Lovely blog Sheila, I 've only ever had one Bonsai Tree, sadly I killed it, I find them fascinating but have no idea how to look after one and they are expensive aren't they, I shall continue to find pleasure in admiring yours....

5 Feb, 2021


Lovely to see so many Bonsai trees!

A few years ago my daughter gave me one for my birthday but unfortunately my "green fingers" didn't work on it & it sadly died! 😞

5 Feb, 2021


Thanks Lincs and Balcony ... don’t worry, that is very common! Really the only thing that matters to a bonsai is fresh air and water. Also, it’s almost easier to have several in the garden so that you don’t focus on just one. Most can’t survive indoors even if they are labelled ‘indoor’, but left out in the rain they will thrive.

Most of mine started out as tree seedlings found in my previous garden (therefore a big enough space for Sycamore, Hawthorn, Ash etc). Even so, it takes many years before they start to be interesting 🙂.

5 Feb, 2021

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