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Bonsai for Chiara and Francesca


Just to show you it takes many years for these little dwarf trees to grow!
The copper beech is my oldest one, 30 years old; Beech is 15 years old; Hawthorn 12 years old

Cotoneaster 12 years old, has very TINY berries in autumn

Oak 4 years old

Jacaranda grown from seed, about 6 years old

I hope I’ll see photos of your little trees one day!
Grammy xx

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Those are bonsai are so amazing! 😃

I have always wanted to grow one & started one with a Horse Chestnut tree. I kept it very dwarf for a few years but then it had to stay behind when I went to Spain. It must have died the following year as I never saw it again. But then I didn't return home for a couple of years & by then I'd forgotten it too!

Some years ago my daughter gave me one she bought me as a birthday present but the poor thing didn't last 2 years with me! As they are so expensive to buy I told her not to buy me any more in the future.

19 Aug, 2021


lovely trees. such patience. I am sure your grand-daughters will love there little trees too.

19 Aug, 2021


Balcony, such a shame you lost yours. That’s easily done because they do need a lot of watering 🙂.

You’re very kind Klahanie - thank you. x

Thanks for your lovely comment Eileen 🙂.

19 Aug, 2021


They're lovely. I like the Jacaranda especially, also the Cotoneaster. The little Oak is coming along nicely.

20 Aug, 2021


Thanks Josee … the oak leaves should be smaller by now … it’s a bit top-heavy!

20 Aug, 2021


So much patience you have Sheila, they're really interesting. Do you keep them indoors in the winter months? x

22 Aug, 2021


Very artistic, must have a lot of patience, definitely a lot of skill! I’m liking all of them, but, like Josee, the jacaranda sticks out for me.

22 Aug, 2021


Thanks Janey … more like just ignoring them rather than having patience! They are outside all year and are watered during dry spells … it’s just a bit of fun really. x

Many thanks Kate … no skill required, I promise you. I prune the roots and tidy them up occasionally, something I can do sitting down … bonus!

22 Aug, 2021


I think they are so interesting Sheila, love the Oak especially.

24 Aug, 2021


Thank you very much Shirley … I just hope Chiara and Frankie feel the same 🙂.

25 Aug, 2021


They're bound to love them, Sheila. :o))

25 Aug, 2021


Aww Shirley … no reaction yet!

25 Aug, 2021

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