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RHS Wisley Plant Fair 2015


We last visited RHS Wisley about twelve years ago so when an e-mail came through advertising the Plant Fair, OH and I decided to drive the 50 miles up from the South coast on Tuesday 8th September, the opening day. The journey took an hour and a half, heavy traffic in places with speed restrictions on the M25 so when we arrived at 10am we weren’t at all surprised to see the crowds already there!

Mary Berry (currently the darling of a TV baking programme) opened the Plant Fair and a well-known florist had created this for everyone to enjoy as they entered the giant Glasshouse …

It has been created with Carnations, Chrysanthemums and Roses and stands 60cm high, truly beautiful …

As the RHS gardens are celebrating the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland there are some lovely sculptures around the garden …

I should have shown you one of the first things to be seen when you enter the garden, this fine Itea ilicifolia (Holly-leaf sweetspire) …

Then there is the long canal, the perfectly mown grass is fabulous too …

Looking back …

This Iresine herbstii ‘Brilliantissima’ has lovely ruby coloured leaves and really stood out with the shades of green surrounding it …

Cyclamen in white and shades of pink …

White with silver …

Beautiful Salvia involicrata ‘Boutin’ …

This makes me want to return next year to see the changes …

The Oriental Pagoda near the lake at Wisley is very grand …

At last … plants for sale!

Here is the Plantagogo stand with GoY member Vicky1 and her husband … I really liked their display

Lovely selection of Succulents …

and Cacti …

Perhaps Roses, Begonias or Tillandsia (Airplants) are to your liking …

These planted sculptures were lovely, but priced at £150 for the Scottie and £50 for the running Rabbit I certainly was not tempted to buy! …

The Surrey Sculpture Society Trail displayed many sculptures.

Firstly, Jacqueline, created from a lattice of stainless steel sprockets, £1,900 …

Then there is Joy, Weldmesh and a representation of pure elation, £3,000 …

We saw more characters from Alice in Wonderland …

I almost forgot to say that Sedum ‘Red Cauli’ was very popular … not only for sale on many stands but also planted in the grounds of Wisley. I bought a small one for my own garden …

This Giraffe made me think of Maureen in Andrewr’s garden! …

Having purchased seven plants, mainly Grasses and Sedums we had lunch and then set off to look around RHS Wisley proper. That will be another blog, if you’re interested, don’t want to overload you too much!

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Nice blog...I love that floral 'Cake' isn't that spectacular. :)I don't envy your journey, but it wasn't too bad when you think you had to go on the M25. :)

14 Sep, 2015


Please overload us Shirley. I love Wisley....lucky you.

14 Sep, 2015


So many delightful pictures on here.

What a wonderful variety of displays, colours and plants. The cake is brilliant and I love the little cyclamens and the heucheras.

It was worth the trek to get there, so much to see and do.

14 Sep, 2015


Thank you so much for your blog Shirley. I hear so much about Wisley I've often wondered what it was like, but it's just too far to go. Now my curiosity has been satisfied I can't wait to see your next blog. Overloaded? Not a bit :))

14 Sep, 2015


Oh WoW......
I'm speechless with envy Shirley

I want to go so badly now its an utter delight, I didn't realise how incredibly beautiful it is
thanks for braving the M25.....

15 Sep, 2015


My favourite garden. I have been there many-many times but not this year. Lovely place to visit. Traffic on the M25 unbearable at rush hour. It took us 4 hours and 10 minutes to drive from Maidstone in Kent to our home in Middlesex.

15 Sep, 2015


Smashing Sheila, haven't been to Wisley for years, must go for a visit again.

15 Sep, 2015


Karen, you should have seen how many folk touched the top of that cake, pretty sure some thought it was real!

Linda, my camera battery died just as we got to the Bonsai area but I have a few to show you in another blog, hope to do that later tonight.

Chris, that's two RHS gardens in a month for us!

Thanks Julia, glad you enjoyed the photos.

Pam, it has definitely improved since our visit of about twelve years ago, so much to see.

Oh hello Costas, how are you? Yes, that motorway is always busy, any time of night or day I believe :o(

Siris, you really must get up there. There was a Park & Ride system and if you Google RHS Wisley there are some excellent ideas for how to get there.

15 Sep, 2015


Thank you
for sharing this Shirley as I can't imagine I would ever get there from here !
I just love the little Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter!
The cake is amazing and all those lovely Heucheras !

15 Sep, 2015


Hi Rose, I also loved those figures, not as much as all the plants though! It was an overcast day but it didn't spoilt our enjoyment at Wisley. I actually thought of GoY members when I saw the Heuchera bed :o)

15 Sep, 2015


A lovely Blog and super photo's Shirley..It brought back some lovely memories..and it was one of the first blogs with pics,I posted when I joined Goy..along with Chelsea and Kew,when we went on a 3 day break..2008,if I remember rightly:o)The Floral cake is wonderful,and the Heuchera beds,along with Vicky's stall are glad you had a lovely day out..well worth braving the M25 for :o) x

15 Sep, 2015


Sandra, Glad this has stirred some good memories for you. We went to Chelsea Flower Show once but I found it too claustrophobic, the crowds were awful! Really should visit Kew again as we've not been there for years. As for the M25, the less said about that, the better! :o)

17 Sep, 2015


We didn't find Chelsea as crowded as we imagined it would be,Shirley..yes,it was busy,but we were able to get around ok..It was worse in the Marquees,but then again,it always is,wherever you go..I feel like you about our M62..I hate every mile of it !

17 Sep, 2015


Sandra, I am happy to watch the coverage on TV now!

I have lost confidence in motorway driving so Michael does it all! I can't be doing with drivers weaving in and out of the lanes, scares me. Loving our new car, so quiet and such a smooth ride after the old one. :o)

17 Sep, 2015


I know what you mean Shirley..I hold on to the seat,and push my feet down hard,when anything scary happens...why on earth I think I can do anything,sitting in the passenger seat,I don't know ! Lol glad you are happy with your new car..:o)

18 Sep, 2015


Super Shirley. Enjoyed that. Love the Iresine herbstii ‘Brilliantissima and Salvia. It must have been a lovely day.

18 Sep, 2015


Is that you Lincs ... you're disguised as Iciar again! It was a good day out ... despite the cloudy weather. :o)

18 Sep, 2015


What a smashing blog, loved all the photos Shirley, we keep saying we must go, you have saved us a visit now !!
Looking forward to your next blog...??

20 Sep, 2015


Thanks for liking the tour round Wisley, Angela, but there were lots of areas I couldn't take photos of as the camera battery packed up :o(

22 Sep, 2015

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